May 15, 2022 6:33 am

A helicopter landed on the beach in Villa Gesell: Berni was inside and told the reason for the maneuver

An unusual episode broke out yesterday afternoon in Villa Gesell when a Buenos Aires police helicopter, which was carrying out patrol tasks, flew over meters from the beach, causing several umbrellas to fly and scaring the tourists They were at the spa. Today, the Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires, Sergio Berni confirmed that he was inside the aircraft and explained the reasons for the dangerous maneuver.

In dialogue with Chronicle, Berni said that he was traveling in the helicopter that yesterday caused panic in some tourists who were on the beach of Villa Gesell. According to the minister, the police aircraft was carrying out a patrol task, framed in the “sun operation”.

Berni said that near the shore he saw, along with the police pilot, “a tumult” of more than 300 boys who seemed to be fighting, so the helicopter approached to see what was happening.

“In the tumult, from a distance it looked like a fight between boys, but up close they were dancing”, Berni specified about the situation that gave rise to the risky maneuver.

The episode quickly went viral on social networks, where several Twitter users began to share images of what happened on the beach yesterday afternoon. In the video you can see how in the middle of a control patrol, the Buenos Aires police helicopter begins to fly very close to the coast, which was full of tourists.

Likewise, in the video it can also be clearly seen how the maneuver carried out by the Buenos Aires police caused several of the umbrellas that were located near the shore to blow up.

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