May 15, 2022 10:29 pm

A colossal eruption in Tonga causes a tsunami in the Pacific

Victor Gonzalez 2 min

Due to the recent eruption in La Palma, we may be better able to put into context the dimensions of the eruption that is taking place in the Pacific at the moment, but it is still not easy. The event that occurred this Saturday in Tonga could be among the most violent recorded in the satellite era. The explosion has generated a shock wave perfectly visible by satellite. What’s more has triggered an important movement of the volcanic edifice, forming a tsunami that has traveled across the Pacific in recent hours, causing extensive material damage to some nearby islands of the Tonga archipelago where it has reached several meters high.

Currently the tsunami warning continues due to possible new movements of the volcano and The immense pyrocumulus and the ash cloud, which has darkened the sky for hundreds of kilometers around, is also observed with concern. Right now the eruptive cloud is being dragged by winds from the east, which suggests that it has broken into the stratosphere, since it is the only layer in which winds blow from that direction, something that begins to give an idea of ​​the true magnitude of this event.

This volcano had been active for some time, and has surprised us in recent months with phreatomagmatic eruptions in which the sea water came into contact with the magma creating a dangerous explosive combination, however, and despite the violence of these explosions, None of these events has even come close to the one that is taking place right now.

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