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‘Your face rings a bell’ has no rival



In the ‘prime time’ of Fridays, nobody overshadows ‘Your face is familiar to me’. Overthrowing the Antena 3 contest in the audiometers seems like an impossible mission, not even competing with another TV flagship like it is ‘Got Talent’. After the brief Christmas break, he returns to the grid with the eighth gala of the ninth season. It will be necessary to see if the trick of Telecinco to face his main rival, premiering the docuseries about
Julian Munoon
, achieves the desired goal of dethroning him.

Neither the audience war, nor even the blessed coronavirus, has been able to knock down the musical ‘talent’ for the moment. And it is that, with the shooting of the contagions of the sixth wave, Gestmusic and the Atresmedia chain have decided to temporarily paralyze the recordings so as not to expose either the contestants or the team.

However, they keep several programs already recorded in their hats, so the broadcast of the final stretch continues normally, enlivening Friday nights for their more than two million faithful followers.

Music, high-level imitations (some valued by the jury as “one of the best in the history of the program”), and above all, entertainment suitable for the whole family, is the formula with which he keeps in such good shape despite his seniority. Mamarracheo and excellence are not incompatible; in fact, they fit perfectly in a television program with the philosophy of ‘Your face is familiar to me’.

Those who have the wood of winners

Nia, Agoney, Maria Pelae The Rasel They carry the weight of talent. In fact, among them they will most likely end up disputing the victory of the contest. They imitate well, they sing better, and they take turns winning the galas.

The eighth, without going any further, takes her to the street Nia. One more. This girl is born to win. Turning into Jennifer Hudson, the Canarian wears a wise man’s outfit, but above all, her divine booming voice, with the theme ‘One night only’. Lolita He has never valued the winner of ‘OT 2020’ as effusively as on this occasion. “I have finally seen the Nia that I have wanted to see in all the galas: strength, soul… You have reached me, you have transmitted to me. I don’t care if you’ve looked like this Jennifer Long live your race, long live your land, and long live you!

The other triumph of the edition continues to lead the general ranking on its own merits. Who can decently step into the skin of an artist of the stature of Michael Jackson without screwing it up? Just someone with the versatility and vocal chords of Agoney. with the theme ‘Bad’, the singer, musician and composer performs one of the best impressions of the night. «Playing the king of pop is a challenge, but what I liked the most is that you gave yourself 100%. And if there is any king in this program, that is you », compliments him Angel Llacer.

Although for might, the Maria Pelae becoming Anastacia. ‘Sick and tired’ It is the issue that you have to defend. They object to the resemblance of her voice to that of the American singer, but Charles Later applauds the attitude of the malagueña because «the way of imitating is very well executed».

A Rasel The ‘vip training’ box came out on the button, so the rapper imitates bad rodriguez, who has helped him prepare for the performance. He is not very favored with the characterization, and it seems that he has gone overboard with the squats, but for him working with his colleague is “quite an inspiration.” Also, pleasantly surprised. «It is no longer a matter of it being a well-made imitation, that it has the imitated one in front of it, but that I have seen a work, a titanic effort. And it looked like a video clip, ”says Latre.

humor, do not miss

However, other contestants like loles lion, David Fernandez The The Morancos They liven up the roost and are essential for laughs. Grateful and moved, the iconic actress imitates Lina Morgan and his song ‘The Lola’, putting the public at his feet and the jury on its feet. Paraphrasing the imitated artist, Llácer thanks her for coming. “Without you this program would not be what it is.”

It is great for Chikilicuatre to enjoy the ‘original and copy’, with Miki Núñez as a protagonist, because that’s how he hides for once that cante isn’t his thing. Of course, the two Eurovisionists together fill the set with such good energy that Chenoa grope the triumph for the next signings. “David, you’re worth me because I love you very much, but having Miki… It’s very good, that she stays the whole season.” TO Charles Later the two Mikis remind them of a meme. “This is what you order online, and this is what you get.”

The Morancos, for their part, successfully face the challenge of interpreting ‘Black Tears’, from Diego the Cigala. For Angel Llacer They are an example to follow in life. «You come here and demonstrate this art, one singing and the other making us laugh. It is the perfect mix to be happy. If there is one thing I ask of my life, it is to be able to look like you.”

Step by step, Eva Soriano Y Lydia Bosh surprise every week thanks to an evolution worthy of admiration for the great beatings of work and effort behind it. The actress gives it with the song ‘Mami panchita’, from Marisol, although vocally it is not his best day. «You have been perfect, as always, but I was missing that voice of hers, hard, dragged…», he comments. Lolitalifelong friend of pepe flowers.

Lastly, Soriano plays April Lavigne, interpreting the great song of the 2000 ‘Sk8er Boi’ with character and energy. “People have stood up. You have done it very well. You are very capable when it comes to changing records. Apart from being funny, you sing very cool”, exalts Chenoa. And it is that the presenter is as complete as ‘Your face is familiar to me’.

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