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Work calendar 2022 in Valencia: the first local holiday of the year falls on a Saturday in January




The work calendar 2022 in the city of Valencia holds the first holiday of the year in the month of January. Specifically, the City Council agreed that Saturday, January 22, the festival of San Vicente Mártir, patron saint of the Turia capital, be declared a paid and non-recoverable day.

In addition to January 22, the work calendar 2022 in Valencia it includes Monday, April 25, San Vicente Ferrer, as a local holiday.

This is how all the paid and non-recoverable public holidays, both municipal, regional and national, remain in the 2022 work calendar in Valencia.


January 22. Saturday. Feast of Saint Vincent Martyr. (Local holiday).


March, 19. Saturday. Feast of Saint Joseph. (Autonomic holiday).


April 14th.

Holy Thursday. (Autonomic holiday).

April 15. Holy Friday. (National festive).

April 18th. Easter monday. (Autonomic holiday).

April 25th. Monday. Feast of San Vicente Ferrer. (Local holiday).


June 24. Friday. Feast of San Juan. (Autonomic holiday).


August 15th. Monday. Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin. (National festive)


October 12 °. Wednesday. Hispanic Day and festivity of the Virgen del Pilar. (National festive).


November 1st. Tuesday. All Saints Day. (National festive).


6th of December. Tuesday. Day of the constitution. (National festive).

December 8. Thursday. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. (National festive).

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