May 17, 2022 9:37 pm

VIP robbers: they used high-end cars to avoid attracting attention and steal in residential neighborhoods

They were traveling in a high-end car to go unnoticed among the residents of a residential neighborhood in Ramos Mejia. They parked the vehicle in front of the house chosen as a target. Then they jumped over the fence and with a cricket they forced the doors or windows.

This is how the members of a criminal gang acted that assaulted a series of houses located in the residential area of ​​Ramos Mejía. According to police sources, the assailants should have been imprisoned, but were benefited with assisted liberties. As a condition to obtain these benefits, they had to sign weekly at the headquarters of the Patronato de Liberados. But, they were dedicated to stealing.

VIP assailants: they used high-end cars to avoid attracting attention

In the last few hours, the three members of the so-called “VIP listeners” gang were arrested by officers from the West Substation of La Matanza. In the criminal environment, burglary in a home in the absence of residents is known as escruche and the “escruchantes” are identified as the criminals who apply this modality.

A security camera installed in Esquiú at 1600, in Ramos Mejía, recorded the sequence in which the criminals appear when they arrive, aboard a Citroën DS3, get out of the vehicle and climb the three meter fence, to enter the property that they assaulted

VIP assailants: they used high-end cars to avoid attracting attention

A neighbor noticed the presence of the assailants, alerted the 911 emergency number and two Buenos Aires police mobiles began to chase the vehicle in which the criminals fled from the robbed house. The officers managed to apprehend the suspects and recovered the stolen items from Esquiú’s house at 1600. When checking the high-end car, the police found that the numbering of the engine and chassis had been erased, while the license plate had been changed and It corresponded to a vehicle without a sequestration request, but with other characteristics and model.

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