May 22, 2022 4:04 am

The United States questioned the presence of the Iranian who flew the AMIA at the inauguration of Daniel Ortega

Brian Nichols, the Undersecretary of the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs of the US Department of State, questioned the presence of the Iranian Mohsen Rezai, accused of blowing up the AMIA in 1994, at the inauguration of Daniel Ortega, in Nicaragua. The United States official noted that “at his ‘inauguration’ Ortega-Murillo was accompanied on stage by Miguel Diaz-Canel, Nicolas Maduro and Mohsen Rezai, an iranian implicated in the attack on the AMIA in Argentina”. Regarding this situation, he warned that “The hemisphere cannot look the other way while Ortega-Murillo undermine regional democracy and security”.

The 56-year-old American diplomat was appointed by Joe Biden to build an agenda U.S Y Latin America, focused on conflicting issues such as migration, the pandemic and the revision of the strategy towards Venezuela and Cuba. He was Washington’s ambassador to Zimbabwe and worked in various positions related to the Latin American region.

Mohsen Rezai He is the Vice President of Economic Affairs of Iran, Wanted by Interpol for being considered the intellectual author of the attack on the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA), in which 85 people died on July 18, 1994. He participated in the inauguration of Daniel Ortega as president of Nicaragua, who was accompanied by the presidents of Cuba and Venezuela, as well as from Argentine ambassador to Nicaragua, Daniel Capitanich.

US Under Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Brian Nichols

The presence of Captainich at the event provoked strong criticism from numerous political representatives, among them, Hannibal Fernandez, Minister of Security, who described the actions of the ambassador as “terrifying”. “If I had been an ambassador, I would have done something else, I would not have been present”, sentenced.

The Organization of American States (OAS), through Fernando Lottenberg, commissioner for monitoring and antisemitism, questioned the presence of Rezai in the act. You claimed Nicaragua that, as a member country of Interpol, notice that the Iranian official was in his country and activate the “red alert” to be captured, but this did not happen.

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