May 22, 2022 6:58 am

The sale of fields was stopped due to economic uncertainty

The market for the sale of land suitable for agricultural production fell again in December and reached its lowest level recorded in all of 2021, according to data from the Chamber of Rural Real Estate (CAIR).

The “Rural Real Estate Market Activity Index” (InCair), a monthly measurement of the chamber that reflects the transactions of productive lands throughout the country, for the last month of the year was of 21.41 points.

Although December and January are usually less seasonal, economic uncertainty deepens this situation after a year marked by few inquiries, fewer closed deals and little optimism”, indicated the camera.

In this way, rural real estate activity fell 28% compared to November and 31% year-on-year.

In October, activity had rebounded, after two consecutive monthly falls. According to CAIR, the result of the PASO in September had brought “better spirits for investors”. However, in October it took another turn and fell again, a trend that continued until the end of the year.

To the extent that the country does not normalize its economy and there is a lack of incentives, the sector will continue in a “market in search of opportunities” and on a smaller scale of investment, with an absolute absence of foreign and national investors.”, the report stated.

The InCAIR is made up, mainly, of the results of the monthly activity survey carried out among partners throughout the country; number of advertisements for fields for sale or rent in the main graphic media with national circulation; number of advertisers on the CAIR website; rural operations carried out in the analyzed period; searches and queries made by investors on the CAIR website; and number of commercial advertisements in the main squares of the interior of the country.

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