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The protagonist of ‘Emily in Paris’, caught on the beach



It is possible that if we talk to you about Kate Walsh, it will come to mind quickly
‘Grey’s Anatomy’
, but also ‘Emily in Paris’, one of the most successful series on the Netflix platform. The second season premiered a few weeks ago and is still in the Top 10 in our country. And in that second season follows one of the characters that raised the most passions in the first, for better and for worse. We talk about Madeline, Emily’s boss, played by Kate Walsh. Well, we caught her on the beach and look how good she is. In every sense.

Paradise exists. – Lagencia-Crush

Well accompanied, well tanned, very happy… you can’t ask for more. The photographs were taken a few days ago in Perth, Australia, a place that has a lot of history for the actress.

Not long ago he said that he didn’t have in mind to go back to his apartment in New York and we are not surprised!

Happy. – Lagencia-Crush

Kate Walsh met her boyfriend, Andrew Nixon, with whom we see her in these photos, shortly before the pandemic broke out through a mutual friend. He owns and manages a farm in this area of ​​Australia and the actress did not hesitate to stay there for a long time, while the health situation was delicate.

Beach kiss.
Beach kiss. – Lagencia-Crush

But the actress ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ she took a liking to it, she got used to it there and now there is no one to move her from Australia. come on what a Pataki has been made with all of the law. Logical, taking into account the beaches that are nearby and where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest at this time of year.

54 years.
54 years. – Lagencia-Crush

See that we like to bring you exclusives from
celebrities showing off body on the beach
, but much more than couples in love like this. They have been in a relationship for two years and you only have to see them to see that they are happy and how solid their courtship is.

Hi, I'm fishing.
Hi, I’m fishing. – Lagencia-Crush

We cannot deny that a little bit of envy does give us. The heat, the beach, love, baths in the sea, walks along the shore… Logically,

Kate Walsh the smile reaches him from ear to ear and he has recognized that it is one of the best moments of your life. Can’t ask for more.

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