May 15, 2022 12:28 am

The Principality completes this month the works to prevent landslides on the Cudillero treatment plant


The containment works of the slope located on the Cudillero wastewater treatment plant will conclude this month after an investment of 875,000 euros, as announced this Friday by the Vice President and Minister of Regional Administration, Environment and Climate Change, Juan Cofiño.

The counselor, who visited the action together with the Mayor of Cudillero, Carlos Valle, and the General Director of Water, Vanesa Mateo, explained that the purpose of the work is to protect the purification facilities from the landslides that occur from the slope that limits the port esplanade to the south.

As indicated by the Asturian Government in a press release, the project, carried out as an emergency, has consisted of opening accesses to the head of the slope, along with clearing and manual cleaning of rocks on the surface. A stabilization system has also been implemented, made up of a mesh and lateral anchors with a double flexible cable, to prevent possible rockfalls or large-volume blocks in the upper part of the slope.

Likewise, among other actions, two dynamic barriers have been installed and elements damaged by landslides have been replaced.

The station receives discharges from Cudillero, Aronces, El Pito, Villademar and the parish of Piñera. Once purified, the water is discharged into the sea through an underwater outfall more than 600 meters long.


On the other hand, Cofiño has announced that his department will put out to tender this year the second phase of two sanitation projects that will entail a total investment of 2.7 million over a three-year period, of which 1.3 million will be dedicated to Castañeras and 1.4, to Santa Marina.

These actions are added to others recently carried out in Cudillero, such as the connection of the Soto de Luiña discharge to the Esqueiro river collector, after an investment of 280,000 euros, or the incorporation of a filter to eliminate turbidity in the drinking water supply of the supply system of the same locality, in which 107,000 euros have been invested.

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