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The peculiar confession of Gaspar Servio: he played in River, but went to the Bombonera to see Boca

“I was going to 12. I was a fanatic, sick”. This is how Gaspar Servio confessed, who admitted that, while he played in the lower River, he escaped to the Bombonera to watch Boca matches.

The history of Servio is quite particular. His father made him a Boca fanatic from a very young age. He was a member of the club, where he took his first steps as a goalkeeper. There he also officiated as a ball catcher, which allowed him to meet his greatest idols.

”In those days, many more people entered the field and we could take photos with the players. There I took one with Palermo. The photo with Riquelme, who was not there at that time, was pending.”, he commented to TyC Sports.

But life, with its ups and downs, meant that, after a year, the Ribera club released him and he ended up playing nothing more and nothing less than River Plate. Even so, his passion for Xeneize remained intact and from time to time he escaped to the Bombonera to watch Boca play.

Gaspar Servio, during his time at BanfieldFernando Gens – Telam

”I had several problems. They have caught my attention. Once they saw me that I went to the field and when something is installed, it is already “ He commented, although he assures that once he started playing in the first River he had to step aside, out of respect for the institution. “When you start playing football, passion is a bit sidelined”he explained.

After passing through River, Servio played in Banfield, independent of Rivadavia, Arsenal de Sarandí and during his foray into Mexican soccer had the opportunity to save for Diego Armando Maradona’s Dorados.

Gaspar Servio and Diego Armando Maradona in Dorados de México, 2018
Gaspar Servio and Diego Armando Maradona in Dorados de México, 2018Jam Media – Getty Images South America

For him, the experience with Diego was unique, from day one. “With my old man we were fansWe dressed like him. When I played in Boca I tried to meet him, I could never see him. In Mexico it was the first time I saw him. When I came down the stairs I got goosebumps. Every day was like seeing him for the first time”.

As he comments, in those days Diego was very well, he only had knee problems and it was difficult for him to kick the ball, but mentally he was perfect. “When he entered the field his eyes lit up” commented.

“The first day he told me: ‘I have a brother who was your father in Banfield, who is Almeyda. If he loves you, I love you, you are going to be my captain’. It was crazy”, Servio told with emotion about those moments he shared with Maradona.

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