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The morning cold will freeze Blue Monday




The frost They will star in the early hours of next Monday, with minimums that will reach -6ºC in points of the interior of the peninsula, according to During this week the frosts and the cold morning and night have already been protagonists in our country, reaching down the thermometer to around -10ºC in some localities.

The frosts will continue to be present for the next few days as the anticyclonic weather will continue to accompany us. The anticyclone blockade that is over the British Isles acts as a ‘shield’ and prevents storms and fronts from reaching our country.

On Monday, Blue Monday, we expect frost to be present in large areas of the north interior, central and eastern peninsular and that are intense in the Pyrenees.


As for the daytime cold, temperatures will drop in the Canary Islands and will remain without much change in the rest of the country. These are the maximum expected for that day:

The state of the sky will be more optimal for those who like the sun, since the slightly cloudy or clear environment will prevail in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, except for some cloudy intervals in the Mediterranean area. In the Canary Islands, the day will be gray and rainy with more abundant rainfall in the western islands where an occasional storm is not ruled out.

What is Blue Monday?

For several years, the third Monday in January has been considered the “saddest day of the year”. Blue Monday refers to the day of the year in which, according to a mathematical formula, people feel more discouraged and down.

This “discovery” was formulated and named by Cliff Arnall, a researcher and adjunct professor at Cardiff University (Wales) in 2005. Since its inception, Blue Monday has been talked about more each year and even marked as an event in the calendar.

The equation used to calculate “the saddest day of the year” measures variables such as:

– The end of the Christmas holidays.

– Back to routine.

– The January slope.

– Unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions.

– Weather conditions

Since the origin of this term is a advertising campaign of a British airline that sold flights to other warm areas of Europe (such as the Canary Islands) in the middle of winter, many question the veracity and scientific criteria of this formula.

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