May 15, 2022 6:26 pm

The Madrid stand at Fitur: a fan to symbolize dynamism and sustainability




The Community of Madrid and the City Council are already preparing their best clothes for Fitur, the international tourism fair that is held at Ifema next week. The stand is designed as a fan symbolizing dynamism, diversity, authenticity and sustainability. will count with more than 1,600 square meters divided into two floors where there will be a main information desk, an exhibition area, a tourist information area, a stage, an area for meetings and professional meetings, offices and a catering area.

The assembly is set with vertical gardens, as a representation of the green spaces of the Community of Madrid and of sustainable tourism in harmony with its surroundings. For this reason, as explained by the Regional Executive, the stand itself meets special sustainability requirements and it is guaranteed that the vegetation used has a certificate of origin, so that it does not come from forests in which deforestation has been favored, and will be replanted after use.

“Our stand projects the region into the future as an open and diverse territory,” says the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Martha Rivera de la Cruz which highlights that the celebration of the fair shows that “Spain is a safe country and a basic pillar of the global tourism industry”.

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