May 22, 2022 4:26 am

The Anmat prohibited a pill to improve sexual performance

Following a consumer complaint, the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat) decided to prohibit the marketing throughout the national territory and on online and digital sales platforms of a product that It claims to improve men’s sexual performance.

This is the article “All Natural Herbal Supplements, marca Shelex – Male Sexual Enhancement, 8 Capsule, Distributed by American Nutraceutical Technology Inc., El Monte, CA 91731, USA”; and as detailed in Provision 447/2022, published in the Official bulletin, “It lacks product and establishment authorization, resulting in consequently being an illegal product.”

“Because it is a product that cannot be reliably and clearly identified as produced, processed and/or fractionated in a specific establishment, it cannot be produced in any part of the country, nor marketed or sold in the territory of the Republic” , explains the administration in the recitals of the document, and then underlines that it made the determination to ban it “in order to protect health of the citizen”.

In addition, they indicate that It all started with the complaint of a user, who warned that “intake of the investigated product would have caused a rapid increase in blood pressure.”

The attached annex also details the information present on the product’s label, where it is explained that it is used to “improve men’s sexual performance”, and warns that care must be taken if mixed with alcohol, that more than the recommended dose should not be consumed and that it should be kept out of the reach of children.

Added to this, the Anmat prohibited the use, commercialization and distribution throughout the national territory of all batches and presentations, until it is registered in the Registry of Medicinal Specialties, of the following product: “BAO JI WAN GINSENG FORTE, GINSENG. Manufactured by: GUANGZHOU WANGLAOJI PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD, CHINA. Imported by: GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION SAC, Calle Fray Luis de León 479, San Borja, Lima, Peru and by TRADING INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION for Latin America”.

In the Provision 448/2022, this entity explains that it is a medicine, but that there are no registration records of products in the Registry of Medicinal Specialties (REM) of this National Administration with the trade name BAO JI WAN GINSENG FORTE. “Therefore, they say, It is not possible to determine if it was prepared under the circumstances indicated by law and what its true composition is.”

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