May 22, 2022 8:44 am

The anger and the claim of Mercedes Ninci after the fainting of the Channel 9 chronicler

In the midst of a voracious heat wave in the Federal Capital, on Thursday the chronicler Carlos Ferrara covered live for Telenueve (Channel 9) the situation in the testing center of the Teatro Colón, in the face of the increase in cases of coronavirus. At the end of his report, he apologized to the driver, Claudio Pérez, and collapsed on the ground live. The situation generated great repercussions in the networks and many questioned the conditions in which the mobilero was at the time of the event. Mercedes Ninci, who has been doing this job for years, referred to the subject in harsh terms.

In the first place and to bring peace of mind, the journalist communicated through her Instagram account that her colleague was in good health after fainting. The decompensation would have occurred due to heat stroke, since at that time the temperature was close to 37°.

Carlos Ferrara decompensated live. Capture Telenine

After this, Ninci added a claim in order to avoid this type of situation for workers: “Please, it is time that the mobile workers no longer have to go out in a jacket and shirt to work in the summer. They would have to wear a shirt. I say it for all the national and international channels”.

True to her style, the journalist was frontal and opined: “People are interested in the content of the note and not how the journalist is dressed.” To close the post, he dedicated a special message to his colleague: “You are very well dear Carlos.”

Mercedes Ninci made her download on her Instagram account.  Capture Instagram @mercedesninci1
Mercedes Ninci made her download on her Instagram account. Capture Instagram @mercedesninci1

For its part, from Channel 9 they issued a statement in which they indicated how the journalist’s health continues: “They did studies, a tomography to rule out any type of complication. The parameters came out normal and little by little he is beginning to regain consciousness.”. First, he was treated at the José María Ramos Mejía General Acute Hospital, and then transferred to the Los Arcos Sanatorium for monitoring.

“Sorry Claudia. Sorry Claudius, sorry.”, Ferrara was heard exclaiming as he finished his report on the tests in full mobile, moments before vanishing. Immediately afterwards, a knock was heard that alerted the driver, who immediately asked what was happening. During a shot that lasted a few seconds, the chronicler could be seen passed out.

Faced with this unexpected situation, the presenter took the floor and tried to calm the audience: “Please, Carlos had some difficulty. It is next to a testing center, surely they will attend to it. We are going to make a cut quickly and we will return”.

A mobile player fainted in full note

Then, when he returned to the broadcast, he again referred to his colleague’s health and reported that indeed it had been a decompensation and that he was treated immediately by SAME personnel.

The moment of fainting caused concern among viewers and was highly commented on social networks, where it quickly became a trend.

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