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Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne got the same tattoo: what the design they chose means

Selena Gomez Y Cara Delevigne got the same tattoo, which has a very special meaning for both of them. The American actress and the British model sparked romance rumors with a gesture that was not overlooked by their followers. With the design that was embodied in the skin in the same place and a few days apart, many already speak of a formal relationship.

The Instagram account Bang Bang Tattoo, of a tattoo studio, revealed the coincidence about the order of both works in watercolor that the famous did at the end of 2021.

In November they kissed in front of Kiss cam [Cámara de besos] of Madison Square Garden in New York City during a basketball game. The friends went to see the Knicks, but at halftime the camera focused on them and the singer managed to kiss her friend on the cheek while the fans present burst into screams.

“Watercolor on Selena Gomez. Thank you for always being wonderful”, they wrote from the account @bangbangnyc, who is believed to have done the work. Days later they made a similar post, but where they mentioned the model.

Selena Gomez got a tattoo on the back of her neckInstagram

“Coincidence of Cara Delevigne. I had a lot of fun doing these tattoos, thank you for always trusting me, “said the tattoo artist on the postcard where the famous model is seen with a design identical to that of her friend. It is a pastel rose with three drops that fall along the body.

Magazine People explained that for the interpreter 999 roses on skin “means a couple of different things” that she shared with Delevingne, one of her “best friends”. “She calls me Rosebud [capullo de rosa], so it’s a nickname. And I’ve always wanted a rose and now I have one, and I love it.”

The model got the same tattoo as the singer and sparked romance rumors
The model got the same tattoo as the singer and sparked romance rumorsInstagram

In the case of the British, made the rose in the same shade on her rib cage, while the singer decided to do it on the back of her neck, just below a date in Roman numerals in black that cannot be fully displayed. On the other hand, and according to the American magazine, Selena said that she has many tattoos that refer to “people who have left a very significant mark on your life.”

Although neither of them came out to refer to the situation so far, The actress was mired in romance rumors with actor Chris Evans last year., and did not deny it. It should be remembered that in 2015, Selena freely spoke about her sexuality and referred to the comments that linked her to Cara, who years ago openly declared herself bisexual.

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