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‘Secret Story’ Fixes Mistakes; the second edition kicks off recovering the freshness of the anonymous ‘realities’



Manipulated galas, nonsense mechanics, crushes, and a house inhabited by a majority of contestants-plant were the keynote of the first edition of ‘Secret Story’. Too many mistakes and few successes for a format that promised to fill the gap it left ‘Big Brother’ in the little hearts of lovers of ‘realities’. If the experiment was worth it, it is the merit of a few contestants who gave themselves body and soul to the experience while the rest of their companions took the warm cache from bed. On view is those who crowned the audience with the first and second place as the absolute protagonists. The success of Luca Onestini Y Cristina Porta, the two practically anonymous profiles, in front of a casting of ‘celebrities’ launches a clear message: that the audience is fed up with being famous on reality television.

Those above seem to have taken note of the wishes of viewers in
‘Secret Story 2’

, an edition of anonymous and diverse profiles. They are “people like you”, he repeats Charles Sovereign, the substitute for Jorge Javier Vazquez in front of the galas. “I am a person who enjoys food very much”, “I have a phobia of lizards”, or “I am applying for a primary education teacher”, the new faceless signings are described before revealing their identities.

governs the new ‘Secret Story’ by the gatopardist paradox of «changing everything so that nothing changes». Less to give the house of Guadalix de la Sierra a facelift, a priori it looks fresher, more dynamic, more attractive and more plural. In accordance with that philosophy, they announce a new mechanic: expulsions will be decided by free voting. Bot alert.

The biggest secret: the contestants

One by one they discover who hides behind the gloomy masks of the contestants. There are already some that transmit sensations of longing for spotlights, but they are the least. The special of the new participants of ‘Secret Story’ it is that they attract attention for educated, natural and real, characters that were scarce in the previous edition.

Between the ages of 24 and 44, they come from or reside in provinces such as Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Teruel, Guipúzcoa, Madrid, Badajoz, Seville, Tenerife, Málaga, Murcia and Cádiz, among others, and from outside Spain, and work in their daily lives, professions and activities as heterogeneous as a primary school teacher, auditor secretary, scrap yard staff, salesperson, beautician, model, emergency health technician, plumber, secretary, deputy mayor, sweeper, math student, sales consultant and photographer, among others.

Nissy Y Laila, two twin sisters who had not seen each other for three years. Carlos is a non-binary person who enters with the aim of giving visibility to non-normative gender identities; Carmen, studies Mathematics and has verbal incontinence.

For its part, Adrián, a primary school teacher, tells how his life changed radically after his best friend died in a traffic accident. “He was the first person with whom I saw a ‘reality’ and I’m sure he would be proud to see me here, and he would have enjoyed it like no one else.” After he shows up March, deputy mayor and social worker of a town in emptied Spain who describes herself as a “guerrilla and feminist.”

Elena, a very international Sevillian, speaks seven languages ​​and has lived in Belgium, Russia, Amsterdam and now in Berlin. Cora She considers herself “very characterful”, her passion is dancing ‘twerk’ and she has no qualms about admitting that she really likes to attract attention; as to Rafa, explains that he is a chemist, that he works as a plumber and that he is an avid reader of the classics in his spare time.

Representing all those who are unlucky in love, the marital status of Brenda she is “married to herself.” A sweeper by profession, this Madrilenian is crazy about esotericism and astrology. With a lot of ‘flow’, Kenny, a Cuban model living in Barcelona, ​​has his heart divided between his two passions: dancing and his mother.

Alberto He has no problem confessing that his vice is coffee, nor that with it the saying “you got married, you screwed up” came true: he was with his partner for 15 years and divorced six months after getting married. “Couples for what, if croquettes exist?”, he asks Virginia, a ‘flower power’ of life, feminist, restless ass and traveler as a way of life.

Next, it is revealed Alatzne, emergency technician who has fought in the front line of fire against covid-19. “It is a lesson that should serve us all for many things. Life goes by every day and you learn to value the little things”, he reflects.

The penultimate contestant introduces himself as mattress, a hustler whose dream is to volunteer in Australia to save turtles. Finally, the person hiding under the horse mask is uncovered, who has been watching his companions all night without saying a ‘peep’. Is about Hector, photographer from Tenerife who has superpowers. “I’m super active and super sociable.”

The game of spheres begins

In addition to the 150,000 euro check that the winner chosen by the audience will receive, the contestants will fight to be the best in the game of secrets and spheres (awarded 50,000 euros), which has new rules that are simpler and fairer. Each participant enters with a secret, although, unlike the first edition, in which they were gradually uncovered, they have all been revealed at the same time at the entrance gala.

«I resorted to the queues of hunger to survive»; “I am a virgin”; “I have a sister I don’t know”; “When I get bored with sex, I fall asleep”; «I intoxicated my neighborhood with cement croquettes»; “I was unfaithful to my partner with more than 100 people”; “I have opened a corpse”; “I scammed my friends with luxury brands”; “I got addicted to eating scouring pads”; «I was a catechist and almost took the habits»; “I was seduced by a friend of my mother’s”; “my mother loved money more than me”; “I had an affair with an actor/actress 20 years older than me”; “I was an obese person who did not leave the house”; «my boss broke up his/her marriage for me»; and “I cheated on my parents to live a love” are the suggestive secrets that the participants keep.

Another important change with respect to the famous edition is that when a secret is discovered, its owner will definitely lose the possibility of winning the game of spheres.

Once the presentations are made, the free votes cause the first shocks. Carmen goes to bed the first night become the first nominee of the second edition of ‘Secret Story’. As Sobera says goodbye, “this has just begun, and it promises to be a lot of fun.”

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