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Rating: Unstoppable MasterChef Celebrity, what numbers did you do last night?

The programming of phone It has no potholes, except in some isolated strip in which the averages drop a few points. MasterChef Celebrity It is one of the spaces that synergizes with the rest of the programming. Not only the central broadcast of the cycle, but also the possibility of having its figures as guests in other broadcasts such as team flower Y Cut by Lozano, convert a good part of the programming of the satellite channel of the tank of the prime time.

Yesterday, the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro garnered an average of 14.3 points and reached a ceiling of 15 points, being the most watched program of the day. However, the biggest turn-on of the day was fiction Hercai (Telefe) with 54.6% of the share, accomplished at 2:45 p.m.

In electricity, The 8 million steps, an oiled formula conducted by Guido Kaczka, led the signal measurements with an average of 9.5 points and a ceiling of 10.9 points. On this channel, Polka’s fiction The 1-5/18, starring Esteban Lamothe and Agustina Cherri, garnered 8.8 points.

Polka’s fiction La 1-5/18 begins to go through decisive moments of its plot

In terms of information, first thing in the morning, Up Argentines (eltrece) scored 2.8 points and good phone (Telefe) reached 2 points. At noon, The people’s news (Telefe) scored 7.3 points and Newscast Thirteen (eltrece) reached 6.4 points.

In the middle of the day soap opera at noon (elnueve) scored 3.7 points and was the most watched on the channel. at 13, The people’s news (Telefe) reached 7.3 points and Newscast Thirteen (eltrece) stood at 6.4 points.

Starting at 18.01, America news he averaged 1.7 points. From 18.58, central soap opera (the nine) harvested 1.9 on average. And already in the prime time, Telefe News it reached 9.2 points and was the most watched newscast of the day. At that time, Telenoche (eltrece) reached 6.3 points.

A team flower (Telefe), the channel is taking away a few minutes. Yesterday, the program hosted by Florencia Peña, which will go off the air at the end of the month, averaged 5.1 points from 11.44. The number was good and allowed him to win the series The Fox (eltrece), which climbed to 4.5 points on average.

Home Sweet Home! (eltrece), the cycle animated by the actress Eugenia Tobal, rose a few tenths and nailed down an average of 4 points, touching a peak of 4.1 points. At that time, the novel sweet ambition (Telefe) reached 9 points.

Home, sweet home!, hosted by Eugenia Tobal, raised its average a few tenths
Home, sweet home!, hosted by Eugenia Tobal, raised its average a few tenthsPATRICIO PIDAL/AFV

In America, intruders scored 3.1 points on average and climbed to a maximum of 3.7 points, very good marks for the program that, from January 24, will be hosted by Flor de la V. On this channel, prime time, The roulette of your dreams, with Pamela David, and intractable, led by Alejandro Fantino, tied at 1.5 points on average.

To the Public TV he surrendered the transmission of the Dressage and Folklore Festival of Jesús María, an issue that reached an average of 2 points and reached a peak of 2.5 points. Before, Country Festival, the previous scored 1.6 points, led by Marcelo Iribarne, a professional specialized in the field. Also in the channel managed by the State, Argentine cooks he averaged 1.5 points and peaked at 1.7 points.

In Net TV, the best audience was obtained Like everything, the pilot and the Dressage and Folklore Festival of Jesús María with 0.6 tenths. The repetition of pampita online marked 0.2 tenths.

The MasterChef jury always protagonist
The MasterChef jury always protagonist ADRIAN DIAZ BERNINI

In MasterChef Celebrity, Santiago del Moro consulted the jury about the new difficulty that would arise for the players in the competition. The court, made up of chefs Donato de Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui, overwhelmed the participants when they were told that they had to exchange the ingredients of their recipes.

In us in the morning (eltrece), who yesterday scored 4 points and won his slot, one of the blocks was dedicated to commenting on the aggression suffered by a doctor by a patient who accused him of having infected him with Covid.

Edith Hermida drives blessed with great solvency, replacing Beto Casella who is on vacation. Yesterday, the driver presented a report in which the alleged link between Mirtha Legrand and former motorist Juan María Traverso was analyzed.

Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich interviewed Aníbal Pachano in intruders. With a mobile live from Villa Carlos Paz, the creator of the Botton Tap referred to the decision to perform his show without charging admission and passing the cap over the end of the function, a method that some of his colleagues described as “disloyal”.

1. MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe) 14.3 rating points

2. The preview of Around the world (Telefe) 10.8 points

3. The 8 million steps (eltrece) 9.5 points

4. Hercai (Telefe) 9.3 points

5. Telefe News (Telefe) 9.2 points

6. sweet ambition (Telefe) 9 points

7. The 1-5/18 (eltrece) 8.8 points

8. Zuleyha Around the world (Telefe) 8.5 points

9. The people’s news (Telefe) 7.3 points

10. Newscast Thirteen (eltrece) / Cut by Lozano (Telefe) 6.4 points

Data provided by Kantar Ibope Media.

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