May 15, 2022 6:35 am

Power outages could delay the implementation of the rate increases planned by the Government

In the midst of the heat wave that is jeopardizing the correct electricity supply, and after an end of the year marked by power cuts, the Government could delay the implementation of the increase in rates, which was announced in the last days of December. as far as he could tell The nation, area officials are working on the tariff segmentation scheme on which the increases will be given, but at the moment several of them are affected by the emergency committee that follows the situation before the heat wave that occurs in most of the country at this time. The increase is initially planned to be launched during this month or next.

“We are working against the clock on the issue, so that the increase is implemented, but the reality is that there was never an exact date”, an official source explained to this newspaper in reference to when the new scheme would begin to be executed. In the Executive, different sources consulted admitted that it is a “sensitive” moment to finalize the decision, although they insisted that, eventually, “it is necessary.”

At the end of last year, the Government authorized an increase in electricity and gas rates of between 17 and 20 percent by 2022. At that time it was also known that in the first weeks of this year, the their segmentation. A decision that, initially, would have an impact on some 500,000 users in the metropolitan area, that with this they will stop paying a subsidized subscription to face total consumption.

The issue is highly sensitive, both outside and inside the Government, which at this time faces with concern what is happening with the electricity supply system stressed to the maximum in the midst of the heat wave that is hitting a huge part of the country.

Anibal Fernandez at the monitoring center and crisis committee for power outagesMinistery of security

So that the system does not collapse, in the last hours, the Government had to order the closure of public buildings and that its employees work remotely, as well as achieve the commitment of an important business sector to reduce energy demand during these days. and try not to collapse the system. But beyond this week’s heat wave, the problems with the cuts have been occurring since the beginning of the year in different sectors, especially in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA).

According to what was decided at the end of last year, in The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires will be left without subsidies for those who live in properties where the square meter exceeds US$3,700. While in the province of Buenos Aires it will be decided Who keeps it and who doesn’t? according to the value of the land. In addition, users of gated communities, financial activity, rail transport, gambling -bingos and casinos- and public offices would also stop receiving subsidies.

The decision came from the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, and the Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez, of a very active role at this time in the Emergency committee in the face of the heat wave.

The decision to increase rates came after almost two years of freezes and in the midst of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which requires the Government to develop a sustainable economic program.

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