May 15, 2022 7:16 pm

Mateo Salvatto: “The car is a revolution; it is a motor of society”

With 22 years, Mateo Salvatto is a benchmark among young technology entrepreneurs from the development of your free application Speak it, which he launched at the age of 18, intended for people with various problems to achieve communication without barriers, converting text into audio and vice versa, and which today is used by more than 200 thousand people in 65 countries of the world.

Currently, Mateo is Director of Innovation at ORT Argentina and advises companies on innovation processes; gives conferences, educational workshops and motivational talks around the world under his motto, “convince young people to work together to ensure a more inclusive, equitable and technologically literate future”.

During a relaxed interview, Mateo recalls his recent beginnings behind the wheel and how he sees the car of the future.

“I haven’t driven in so long. I learned when I was big, at the age of 20, during a vacation in Cariló. My brother taught me in my mother’s car, a Fiat 500. He told me: you have to know and that’s where I learned, “said Salvatto.

The developer commented that he did not remove the registry immediately, but later. “I hung up and since I didn’t have money for a car I said: well… I didn’t get it and then I did it when I was 21 years old and right there, literally, they contacted me from Citroën to be Brand Ambassador and this bond arose”.

He recalls with great joy family trips, bastion of his present, with which he frequently went to the Argentine coast in his father’s car, a Peugeot 208. “We made long trips in a Renault Captur van, we went to San Luis and Mendoza . Cars give me joy, they are places where beautiful memories are generated”.

His first car was a Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl edition, “it had 1000 km, it was new. The first time I entered the C4, I said Can not be! It’s a ship! When I got the registration I had the idea of ​​buying a small car and when Citroën called me to be their ambassador, I loved it. I thought ‘give me a C4’ and when it happened it was incredible, a unique feeling”, he said.

How much does technology have to do with cars? Salvatto says, “A lot! The car, as such, is an impressive revolution. There are great innovators in the history of the automotive sector, is an industry that generates constant innovations and is renewed very frequently. Today, in particular, it has to do with what makes autonomous vehicles electric. Really, it is an engine of today’s society.”

Recognizes that today’s automotive mobility shaped the development of cities, countries, borders, “Thanks to cars we have advanced a lot as a societyThey are a fundamental element”.

Mateo constantly uses his car. “I go to the office, I go out with friends, I go to my parents’ house in Caballito. I plan to do my first road trip soon, I want to go to Pinamar where my brother lives, visiting him excites me”.

Regarding the link with technology, Salvatto describes that “It is in all aspects of our day to day, always. It is much closer than you think, because you use Netflix, which uses artificial intelligence or YouTube, which uses an algorithm or Instagram; It is very close”, he also pointed out that “the car you get in every day has an ultra-powerful computer with technology features that are barbaric. The Citroën Cactus that I use, for example, has assistance on slopes, different driving modes, when it detects that you are going to crash it brakes on its own. It is incredible to live it, I hope I never have to need it, but, you can feel very safe and the technology is reflected there”.

In the passenger compartment, always carries some copies of the book he wrote, The battle of the future, something to believe in; in addition, “spare clothes, a suit just in case, a tennis racket, bottles of water, honey candies; it’s another office,” Mateo commented.

In driving,I don’t give up the wheel, I drive. Since I’ve been driving, I don’t feel safe when others do. Also, my car is a Citroën, so I only drive it (laughs)”, he pointed out.

When thinking about a contribution from the technological in a car, he commented that, “a functionality that I would love would have would be a sound interpretation system, that warns people who cannot hear when an ambulance or a patrol car is coming from behind, by means of a sign = on the dashboard, that would be my seal”.

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