May 15, 2022 5:30 am

Malevo, an amazing show of international level

★★★★ Creation and direction: Matthias James. General address: Monica Ocampos. Dancers: Matías Jaime, Alejo Acosta, Mauro Dellac, Leandro Figueroa, Leandro Palavecino, Daniel Medina, Miguel Flores, Federico Arrúa, Gabriel Alegre, Ariel Pereyra, Jonathan Leiva, Mauro Din el ace and Santiago Carrizo. Payers: Jeremias Vizcaino and Diego Garcia. Music direction: Pablo Pupillo. Lights: Ariel Ponce. Locker room: Lorraine James. Theater: America, Av. Pedro Luro 2289, Mar del Plata. Functions: From Wednesday to Sunday, at 9:30 p.m. Duration: 90 minutes.

MAR DEL PLATA.– After traveling through the capital’s stages (first the Gran Rex theater and then the Liceo), now the Malevo group arrives in Mar del Plata to continue conquering the Argentine public after having dazzled the North American in the program America’s Got Talent, with its fusion of explosive choreography, skills with drums, boleadoras and live musicians.

The show reflects the story of Malevo, a group of dancers who, in search of their dreams, forged the path to fulfill them, based on perseverance, overcoming, brotherhood and passion for dance, leading the malambo and the Argentine folk culture to be recognized in the whole world, always highlighting the roots and values ​​of our ancestors but with a higher goal: to connect with the new generations and current times.

Anyway, Malevo, indomitable spirit is much more than a self-referential ode: it is also a journey through the history of local folklore, divided into seven spectacular paintings (one dedicated to northern malambo, another with legüero drums, one with boleadoras, a counterpoint of drums, malambo and boleadoras, another intended for the southern malambo, which is danced barefoot, a mix of whips, whips, boleadoras, drums and traditional malambo plus a final tableau of pure dance and music). Between one and the other, some comic payadores participate as links, with a very familiar and naive humor that, although good and effective, “slow down” the dynamics of the proposal.

In general terms, the show is amazing, not only at a choreographic and musical level but also technologically (excellent work with LED screens, which provide a cinematographic visual framework), distills international level and ranks the Mar del Plata theater season.

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