May 23, 2022 10:56 pm

Lia Crucet’s health is concerned: now she tested positive for Coronavirus

Lia Crucet He has been experiencing serious health problems for a long time. To demencia frontotemporal that he suffers from now, a coronavirus picture was added, although the symptoms he shows are mild.

counted it Tony Salatino, his partner, who a few weeks ago announced that he had had to hospitalize the tropical singer. “I had no other alternative. It was the recommendation that the psychiatrist gave me, because this has no return”. During 2012 to Crucet she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and underwent recovery treatment. In June of last year, a video circulated that caused great concern among her fans, since she was seen deteriorating and with 60 kilos less. “Hello, friends of the fan club, here is Lía Crucet. Very soon I will be with all of you, I am fighting it and I am going to get out of it. I love you, a big kiss for all”, he had declared.

The video caused the indignation of his daughter Karina, who accused Tony Salatino, current husband of the singer, to expose her unnecessarily. “Did the husband need to post a video exposing my mom like this?”, he questioned in his Instagram stories. Later, he stated: “My mom can no longer and should not work anymore”.

In an interview for Intruders (America) from his house in Mar del Plata, Salatino reported: “Lía is fine for now, thank God she is fine.” After the request of Adrian PallaresSalatino explained what Crucet’s medical diagnosis is. “It is a disease that changes over time and now they’re trying to keep it the way it is40 or 50 years I don’t know, until god help her. Me and her,” he said.

For its part, Rodrigo Lussich brought up the video that was published on June 13 on the singer’s official Twitter account. The co-driver of intruders He asked how it was filmed and remarked that both Karina Crucet – whose real name is Adriana Karina Ramos – and her daughters are against the spread of her health. “I am outraged with her,” Salatino replied. “When Lía had cancer she did the same thing, she said that I sent her to work and that’s all lies. I have always followed what the doctors say. Lía asked the doctor if she could work and the doctor said yes so that she would get rid of the therapy, of the treatments”.

He added: “No one ever told me that he has schizophrenia. Show me a piece of paper, a diagnosis from a psychiatrist that says so. She suffers from senile dementia”. After denying that his wife is able to work, the panelist Virginia Gallardo She asked him again about the controversial video and he reaffirmed that it was her decision. “I have witnesses. She insisted: ‘I’m home. What do I care!’” he explained. Finally, Salatino stated that Karina was able to talk to her mother without any impediment: “She called on Wednesday and Lía told her: ‘Daughter, I love you'”.

Last year, her daughter gave more details about Lía’s health. “Her husband was going to see if SADAIC could cover the nursing home. I asked to be transferred here, because it is in Mar del Plata. But Toni doesn’t seem to want to. He is also in no condition to take care of her. Sometimes he is very high and confuses me with my daughter. Lía recognizes some things, but that’s it. If you see it, it is not the same one that we saw at another time.”

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