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Latest society news for today Friday, January 14



Be informed about latest news today It is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to all readers who want it, the best summary of the friday, 14, january right here:

Omella affirms that the Spanish Church will investigate cases of child abuse

After his meeting with Pope Francis, Cardinal Juan José Omella explained that the bishops want face to face the drama of the bishops with each victim. For this reason, they have not centralized the attention to complaints in Madrid, but each diocese has a dedicated office.

What to do when your child tests positive for Covid-19

The new variant of the coronavirus discovered in South Africa, Omicron, has shaken everything we thought we knew about the virus. During the first weeks of the year, infections reached record figures, surpassing the data that was recorded during the first waves of the pandemic.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health last Thursday, January 13, on the last day they were diagnosed 70,803 new cases. The accumulated incidence, greater than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, places Spain at very high risk.

The Cancer Atlas of Portugal and Spain portrays the common risk factors in the two countries

The Iberian Peninsula has “common risk factors” with regard to metastases, according to the conclusions of the Atlas of Cancer Mortality in Portugal and Spain, recently presented in Lisbon as a result of the collaboration between the Ricardo Jorge National Health Institute and the Carlos III Health Institute.

Francisco’s letter to the ABC journalist who recorded him in the record store: “I miss wandering around”

Francisco The photo that portrays him leaving a record store in the heart of Rome has been philosophically taken. The proof is that he has taken a pen and paper and has written to the author of the image, who in this story with a surreal tint is me.

One in 10 people can still spread Covid-19 after 10 days

One in 10 people may have clinically relevant levels of SARS-CoV-2 potentially infectious after a 10-day quarantine period, so it still has the capacity to infect, according to new research.

Justice suspends the obligation to wear a mask outdoors in Paris

It will no longer be compulsory to carry outdoor face masks in Paris. This was decided yesterday, Thursday 13, by the administrative court of the French capital, since they consider that it is an “inappropriate” measure for respecting individual freedom.

Do you know what saints are celebrated today, Friday, January 14? Check the saints

Friday, January 14, 2022, the Saint of Saint Dacius among other names that are celebrated today according to the Christian Saints.

See them

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