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Juana Viale spoke about the rumors of romance with Joaquín Berthold: “We kiss and we are happy”

Juana Viale talked about the romance rumors that have surfaced for a few weeks with Joaquin Berthold, his cast partner in the play El Ardor. In an interview, he assured: “We love each other very much.”

The actress made a mobile from east end with in the afternoon (America) for the play in which he stars alongside Luciano Cáceres, Juan Gil Navarro, Santiago Magariños and Berthold, and took the opportunity to explain the relationship he has with his cast partner with whom he was seen “very caramelly”.

Although the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand is in a relationship with the architect Agustín Goldenhorn, had to go out to clarify the friendship that unites her with the actor and director, with whom she shares the stage in the play Burning in the Cantegril of that city.

The actors have been seen very “caramelized” and sparked rumors of romanceInstagram

Before the chronicler’s query about whether they are really close friends, because a photo of the press conference in which she looked very friendly with Berthold, The driver clarified that nothing happens between them, although she remarked: “With Joaco we are very caramelized, we love each other very much”.

However, after the journalist’s query about if you wanted to “clarify something” more, she doubled the bet: “If you ask me, ask me straight”, he told her bluntly. So she was asked if there was anything else she wanted to say about the bond she has with her partner. “Yes, we love each other very much. He is married to Luciana, and I am in a relationship. We kiss and we are happy.”, he pointed.

Juana Viale spoke of the rumors of romance with Joaquín Berthold

He also added: “Love transcends certain codes, what happens is that there are generations that still do not understand and believe that giving each other a kiss on the mouth or a hug means love as a couple. And love is so much bigger than that.”. In this way, he also believed that there are “certain people” who still lack an “evolution”.

The chronicler, meanwhile, maintained that the versions of romance between her and Berthold had emerged on social networks. “Love for me is much greater. Joaquín is married, togetherAnd he has a beautiful family. If I shake hands with him or if I hug or if we are accompanying each other, I should not explain it, but I have to do it because there are very basic people, but love is much greater, “Juana synthesized.

The couple stars in a play in Punta del Este
The couple stars in a play in Punta del EsteInstagram

A few days ago, the actress She also shared a photo on Instagram where she was seen kissing with a man who is not her partner. and, before the wave of speculation, it was his fans who explained that it was a friend of Viale named César.

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