May 27, 2022 4:24 am

Invasion of lizards in Pilar: what to do if we come across one

The presence of lagartos overo in different neighborhoods of Pilar, Considered by some as an invasion, it caused surprise and impact on some residents of the area. In some others, a revival of the territorial dispute that occurred in Nordelta with the capybaras However, specialists consulted by THE NATION referred to this issue and stressed that it is a native Species, low risk, that in principle it can coexist with humans, and even meets a important role in the ecosystem.

According to Nicolas García Romero, a biologist and advisor in the area of ​​managing bodies of water in neighborhoods, it is about “friendly giants”, a native species of the place that adapts easily to peri-urban environments. “They are not aggressive, they will try to avoid contact with domestic species, for example, Unless they feel very threatened.” the specialist pointed out.

“They are not dangerous at all. The lizard will always choose to escape and not to face. When they feel threatened, they cut off their own tail,” García Romero specified. Likewise, the biologist clarified that in the hypothetical case of feeling very cornered or threatened and incurring an eventual attack, they are animals that do not have the possibility of causing great damage with respect to their bite. “They are also not poisonous. They fix themselves, they eat toads, mice and snakes”, the specialist added.

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Hernán Ibañez, a naturalist attached to the Azara Foundation and a specialist in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking, indicated that it is a species that is distributed in the province of Buenos Aires. “I do not consider that there is an invasion, but with the heat wave they are activated and come out, added to the fact that everything is dry,” he explained.

Ibañez also considered that there are no serious threats when it comes to living with the human being. “They are dangerous if you want to capture them, like any species of wildlife. You have to leave them”, recommended the biologist, also emphasizing that these are animals that play an important role in the ecosystem. “They are continually eating insects or bugs that are harmful to humans,” he remarked.

According to Juan Trebino, former undersecretary of environmental inspection and control of the Ministry of Environment of the Nation, the presence of overo lizards in the neighborhoods of Pilar responds to multiple causes. “From seasonal issues even of others strictly reprehensible on the part of man such as the population growth, that has been taking place, such as the fact of occupying more uninhabited areas”, he specified.

In this case, the specialist was cautious when analyzing the danger of the overo lizard, although he admitted that in principle they do not represent a great risk. Still, he warned: “They are animals that distrust and like all species when it feels fear there are two possibilities: that it escapes by fleeing, or in the case of seeing its life in danger, that it attacks”.

However, Trebino stressed that coexistence and low danger will depend largely on the attitude that human beings take. “The ideal is not to attack them or touch them and be respectful with them. And as a citizen’s responsibility, notify the corresponding wildlife environmental authorities.” concluded about it.

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