May 16, 2022 7:15 am

How much. Amazon launched a camera that “flies” through all the rooms of the house

The vacation season usually brings uneasiness to many families who may go on a trip and move away from their homes for a while. The good news is that technology companies are increasingly advancing in innovations for security purposes. An example is Ring Always Home Cam, the flying camera launched by Amazon.

It is a security device that connects to a series of sensors in the home and is designed to detach from its base and automatically fly anywhere in the house. This frees homeowners from the need to set up hundreds of security cameras covering multiple viewpoints.

Amazon launched an autonomous flying security camera for the home

How does it work? It looks like a drone. The camera is embedded at the bottom of a central bar, which is attached to a flat, fan-shaped element at the top of the device that allows it to fly.

When not in use, the device is designed to fit inside a cube dock with a central opening. If one of the home’s sensors is triggered by motion, the camera rises from the dock and flies toward the location. At the same time, the owner receives an alert on his phone that allows him to enter an app and see live images of his house.

The device emits a low beeping sound when in motion, so users know when it is recording. In addition, to avoid accidents, it has technology that allows it to avoid obstacles and has a casing around its propellers.

  To avoid accidents, the device has technology that allows it to avoid obstacles
To avoid accidents, the device has technology that allows it to avoid obstacles

It is important to note that the camera cannot be controlled manually like a drone, but can only fly to where the user has previously programmed it. “Something I heard frequently from our clients was that they had some indoor cameras in their house, but sometimes they would go out and they couldn’t remember if they had left a window open by mistake, and they wanted to have a camera there,’” he told the outlet. deezen Jamie Siminoff, founder of Ring, a home security company owned by Amazon.

“Instead of just encouraging customers to buy more cameras and put them in more places around the house, we asked ourselves how we could solve that problem with a single solution,” he said when the product launched in late 2020. “We wanted to create a camera that could give users the flexibility of every point of view they want in the home, while also adhering to our fundamental principles of privacy and security,” he added. The product costs around US$250.

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