May 27, 2022 12:50 pm

He graduated as a lawyer and made an emotional dedication to his father who is a street vendor

In the midst of the usual hectic panorama that is experienced at this time in the public market of Barranquilla (Colombia), an emotional scene caught the attention of passers-by and merchants: a recent graduate dedicating the title to his father.

the parent he is a street vendor. With the sale of glasses in a cart, the Center is searched daily to bring sustenance to the home made up of seven children. Due to the above, he was unable to accompany alexis castle at the special event.

However, this was not an impediment for Mr. German Castillo had the opportunity to feel proud, be a witness and salute the young man for the newly achieved consecration, whenever the new lawyer went to the market.

”I came to the public market, the first hug I want, after receiving this professional title, is from my dad. Thank you, daddy, for giving me love and for trusting me so much, ”said Alexis along with the video he posted on his social networks.

As soon as he received the title of the educational corporation, which also certifies him as a specialist in Constitutional rightAlexis had no qualms about immediately moving from the north to the Center of the city.

Germán was pushing his wheelbarrow and promoting the glasses out loud through this downtown area, when suddenly a tremendous surprise crosses his path: a young man in a formal suit was approaching him.

Upon being able to see him well in the distance, he confirmed that it was the young man, who with a smile from ear to ear and a fixed gaze towards his father, brought the diploma as a dedication.

”Here in this business it was how I became and my dad paid me to study law. That is why I am proud to take a picture with him and to tell him that this title belongs to him”, expresses in the video the also graduated in Education.

In addition to these studies, Alexis Castillo He is also a Master in Management of Research and Development Projects, and founder of the Community Legal Center, in the El Bosque neighborhood, in the Suroccidente locality., Where he lives.

After his words of dedication, father and son merged into a hug, before the attentive gaze of some passers-by, who were also encouraged to congratulate the recent graduate.

While Mr. Germán could not hide the tears that ran down his cheeks, no matter how hard he tried to dry them, after the gesture that the boy had and that made him proud.

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