May 27, 2022 12:35 pm

Half of the infections in Galicia are already “self-declared”




Half of the new infections that are computed every day in the Community they are already “self-declared”. Or what is the same, they have not required medical assistance for confirmation, in an attempt by the Department of Health to alleviate the pressure of Primary Care regarding the diagnosis of a disease that already causes more than 8,000 new positives daily according to the last part of the Xunta. Regarding the still photo of the pandemic today in Galicia, the regional minister, Julio García Comesaña, noted this Friday that the delta variant is the one behind most of the hospital admissions that are taking place.

As Comesaña explained, people who are requiring continued medical attention to overcome the infection “They are entering through the delta variant.” The head of Sergas also clarified at an event in Vilagarcía that what is most worrying at the moment are the critical units, with 53 people, a figure that “is not experiencing significant growth” despite the increase in positives.

“Despite everything, we must be cautious and the data we are having is contained,” he stressed.

Regarding the proximity to the peak of the wave, which some experts pointed out around January 18, the head of Sanidade again exercised caution to warn that, although it is true that the situation tends to “stabilise”, «We will have to make decisions day by day because the cases are still many». Asking about the 50,000 saliva tests that will be distributed in Community schools to bring out new positives, the person in charge announced that we are working with Education so that they are available next Monday. “We bet on the tests” exposed. In the case of job registrations, which will become automatic in Galicia in the case of Covid, Comesaña pointed out that since it is an administrative issue, “we are working with the Ministry and adjusting technical issues, which as soon as they are available they will begin to be used without further delay».

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