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Gerardo Milman: “With the Liberals we have points in common and a shared diagnosis of the country”

Deputy Gerardo Milman recognizes that Together for Change needs to find “an organizing mechanism”. He believes that the leadership that was left vacant after the departure of Mauricio Macri of the government can only be settled in 2023. He considers, however, that the coalition will have to find a “profile that can contain everyone”. Although he proclaims unity, he points out that in many aspects society does not think of Together for Change but of “the opposition” so that by 2023 they need to propose a program and “those who adhere have to be inside”, including the liberals.

-Taking into account the last sessions of the Congress, do you think they reflect the lack of a leader?

–I don’t think it’s a matter of finding a leader, but an organization mechanism. The Congress is a reflection of what happened in the elections where society gave us an enormous responsibility to have a parliamentary balance. We come from two years where the quorum was given to any place, there was a deputy who could give it and suck a nipple to his girlfriend. What is needed is a coordination space and I think that from now until we have sessions again we will be able to generate it regardless of whether we have an interbloc president.

–In addition to the vote, does it reflect the internal differences of the coalition?

-There are three mechanisms that occur at the same time in parallel between now and 2023. We have to propose to society a different model of Argentina. While we give that discussion, we have to build the ship that will lead us to the beach of 2023. That ship means the unity of all the sectors that make up Together for Change. It is also true that we do not have a leadership and that is going to be defined in the PASO in a democratic way. When you see any opinion poll you will find that the first most valued people in Argentina are members of Together for Change, that makes it reasonable that everyone wants to be captains of the ship.

-How is the profile that this boat has to have?

– It is a profile that has to be able to contain everyone. The truth is that ultimately we are united by values. And there will be nuances of how those values ​​are achieved and a competition between leaderships that is absolutely legitimate and democratic, but they are nothing more than nuances.

“We have to build the ship that will take us to the beach in 2023. That ship means the unity of all the sectors that make up Together for Change”

-Some argue that the speech of the “hawks” only serves to win elections, what do you think of that?

-The truth is that I believe that one governs in harmony in society. To win in 2023, we have to tell the people the truth, telling them these are Argentina’s problems and this is the way to fix them. We have to learn that sometimes solutions are not easy. If we speak the truth, we will be able to govern with the truth.

Emilio Monzo I’m talking about cheap populists and Maximiliano Ferraro used a similar term “reverse populism” when they presented the projects with Miley.

-All criticism is welcome. In no way did I build a project with Milei for the purpose of offending anyone. I discussed it with Juan Manuel López that I was not going to respond to Ferraro’s proposal because it seems legitimate to me that he can think what he wants. In short, the values ​​continue to be united, we believe that we have to give space to different actors in society in order to have a broader view of Together for Change. Much is said about expansion and it is not the time, today we are two years away from an election and we have just finished one. What if we have to become aware that there are sectors of society and they demand that we have positions and that is our job, not to fight with those of us who are but to join citizens who want to participate in a better Argentina. Regarding Emilio’s statements, he is someone with vast experience that we cannot miss.

We are very clear about our popular mandate, which is to lower taxes, and if they have better proposals, they are welcome to correct them and come up with better projects. Our place today is that of the opposition and we are going to continue presenting projects fortnightly because the citizens need us to tell them which way we are going to go towards 2023, it is no longer enough for us to say that the government is doing something wrong.

–In addition to the project with Milei, this week he presented another with José Luis Espert. How is your relationship with the Liberals?

-I think we have points in common, our voters too and especially on economic issues. It seems to me that there is a shared diagnosis of what is happening to Argentina.

–However, you mentioned that the most important thing is unity and both the CC and the radicals have already a limit to the liberals.

– The truth is that if you look at the limits, Carrió put a limit on Mauricio Macri and they ended up making an alliance, so it seems to me that this is circumstantial and that the limits are not between people either. The discussions in a political organization have to be between the parties and when the time has come to set alliance policies, because there are others who propose that we have alliances with sectors of Peronism, we will have to see who they are, I can’t imagine them. We will also have to see the will of these other sectors to participate in a common proposal with us.

–Do you think they will manage to convince Milei?

– We, together with Patricia Bullrich, Waldo Wolff and other sectors, have a very interesting dialogue with Javier. I don’t think we have to convince him, but rather we have to see what his political, economic, and social proposals are and if they are compatible with Together for the Change. We have to get out of individual or personal coalitions, to move on to a programmatic coalition, what we need is program

Gerardo Milman, Patricia Bullrich and Javier Milei; the deputies presented together a project that seeks to alleviate fiscal pressure

– Is a STEP between “hawks” and “doves” inevitable?

-There are many ways to think about it. In the last election we used the element of the PASO in 17 provinces and the truth is that it has been very useful, it has allowed us to take our finger off the construction of the lists to give power to the people. I imagine that there may be different options, lists by party but also cross formulas. The important thing is going to be that we have a government program that we all accept and that later society can understand who is in the best conditions to lead it and elect it in the PASO.

–Who are the candidates of the “hawks”?

–I understand that from the media point of view they put us in the place of “hawks” and “doves”, I believe that society in the last elections, regardless of what the candidates thought, led us to have a homogeneous discourse because it is fed up with a President who says one thing in the morning, another at noon and another in the afternoon, I have my doubts that the meeting between the Government and Together for Change will take place next week. It seems to me that talking about candidates today is not the demand of society but as a member of Pro they can be: Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Maria Eugenia Vidal.

– What is the role of Macri today?

–He has a central role, which is to encourage other leaders of his party to grow, maintain a fluid dialogue with other organizations that belong to Together for Change and set positions on an international agenda. Then he will make the decision of whether he wants to be a candidate or not, I don’t think he is desperate to be, in any case it will be a demand from the citizens. Its central role is to be able to guarantee harmony between all the nuances that exist in the coalition.

Interview with the deputy of Together for Change Gerardo Milman.
Interview with the deputy of Together for Change Gerardo Milman.Rodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

– Why do you distrust the meeting?

– We have requested a meeting so that the minister [Martin] Guzmán tell us what letter of intent he is willing to sign with the IMF. We are for dialogue, to build, to provide solutions but we want to know what it is about. Nobody has the slightest idea, when one sees Guzmán’s exposition before a group, it wasn’t even the totality, of the ruling party governors, one sees inconsistency. We ask for a meeting to really say the things that need to be said. We have said that we want to collaborate. We contracted the loan with the IMF but to pay the debt that Cristina Kirchner left us and the enormous fiscal deficit that they left us in the Government. Maybe we didn’t know how to explain it and it gained a cultural image but we didn’t put our dollars in anyone’s pocket. Now we have a government that, when one compares year to year, is indebting Argentina at much higher values, almost double what the Macri government indebted.

– Was the issue of re-elections not well communicated?

– It is very difficult when the public debate takes place in 140 characters. It is necessary to have competitive forces and for those forces to exist there cannot be a force that puts its best 11 players on the field and we inhibit ourselves from putting the best, because the result is going to be that we are going to lose. We must also understand that we have to have our own rules of the game. If on the ship we don’t understand that there may be opera singers but if those singers all want to be Pavarotti, if the ship sinks their mouths will fill with water. We have to have the best singers and a great orchestra. And the government is going to throw all the bait possible at us, if we are fish and we eat all the bait, surely we are going to become fish.

– How did you receive the videos that became known about the “Gestapo” case?

– I believe that the intelligence law must be changed, it is necessary for intelligence to work for the objectives for which it should work. The current intervener of the AFI, in an unprecedented fact that is that the Executive Branch intervenes itself, is occupying her position because she is sitting in a place where the law tells her that the mechanisms to stay in her place are other and has also committed a series of ineptitudes. The only thing he deals with is cutting videos that he finds cleaning computers two years later, which for those who know this subject is a joke. Those of us who have militated in the province know that this meeting took place in the Banco Provincia building that is in the city of Buenos Aires and that the intelligence agents are federal agents. Therefore, there is no doubt that a complaint should have been made in this case, drawn to draw and a random judge chosen and not a judge like Kreplack from La Plata, where he has no jurisdiction, but is a judge ready to produce ridiculous raids every day. Next, who is also the brother of the Minister of Health of the Axel Kicillof government, is a decision to choose the judge for his benefit. The statements by Marcelo Villegas that he has had to apologize publicly are inappropriate. No public official has to say in private what they are not willing to say in public.

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