May 18, 2022 9:16 am

Duki sold out tickets and shook Mar del Plata in the heat wave

In the midst of a heat wave and with temperatures exceeding record levels, the summer season continues on the Atlantic Coast. With activities for all tastes, different proposals arise so that tourists who traveled to spend a few days off have entertainment just around the corner. In that sense, Duki was present at the festival AtPark from Mar Del Plata and drew a crowd to hear his best-known songs.

As usual every summer, the singer tours the main coastal cities of Argentina and brings together thousands of young people in front of his stages. This time, it was the Horizonte del Sol venue to host its new show and it is estimated that more than six thousand people came to see him.

“2:50″, “Malbec”, “Law of Attraction” and “Además de mí” were some of the songs that Duki He presented live and drove his thousands of fans who had come to see him crazy. However, his presence was not the only one that night. From early on, on the main stage, DJ Miami received tourists and locals who were attracted by the festival’s proposal.

Duki appeared before six thousand people in Mar Del Plata

AtPark It brings together several artists in Mar del Plata and as the days go by it proposes different musical styles for all tastes. the night of Friday, January 14, electronic music is in the game where Guy Mantzur and Roy Rosenfeld will make their presentations. On Saturday the 15th, the main stage will welcome one of the figures of the moment.

“We will live a true party of trap, hip hop and reggaeton from the hand of Bizarrap, the DJ and producer who exploits all platforms with his music sessions”, they defined from the organization of the event. On the other hand, with a star-studded schedule, AtPark will receive Knowing Russia next January 23 and El Kuelgue on 30, among many other musicians who passed in the previous days.

A crowd gathers to see the different singers who pass through the Mar del Plata stage
A crowd gathers to see the different singers who pass through the Mar del Plata stage

The property is located in Punta Mogotes, at Av. de los Trabajadores 4044 and tickets for their performances can be purchased through the official page of input one or in Rapipago of Pasel Aldrey which is also in the city of Mar Del Plata on the street Sarmiento 2685.

On the other hand, and in addition to the musical shows, each day of AtPark It closes with a party that lasts all night and invites those who enjoyed the shows to stay in what they call AtParty.

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