May 14, 2022 11:41 pm

Discomfort of Buenos Aires ruralists with the Government for the latest measures

This morning, at the Chivilcoy Rural Association, some 40 leaders of more than 25 rural societies, which make up the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa (Carbap) they analyzed and debated the union actions to follow, in response to the decisions of the last days of the Government.

The meeting, reportedly It is the first of a series of meetings of rural leaders from the different areas that make up the entity. In the entity they indicated that “There is great uneasiness due to the prevailing drought and a lot of anger due to the announcements of the last days of the Government, in relation to the meat export scheme, the establishment of a trust for wheat and corn and the lack of proactive policies for the sector, beyond the lack of credibility of the Government’s sectoral interlocutors”.

Last Saturday in Armstrong, Santa Fe province, self-convened producers organized an assembly that included the participation of the Liaison Table, where the sector expressed its discomfort against the latest government measures. In addition, they demanded that the members of the Liaison Table show “their teeth” in the face of a year that is going to be complicated, beyond the political situation, due to a drought that hits the sector hard.

“And there is a deep concern even for the current situation of the country, the macroeconomic deviations, the uncontrolled inflation, the levels of poverty and the attacks against the other powers of the State, such as justice, among others”, Carbap stated.

Finally, they said that the next Rural Carbap Meeting will be next Thursday at 9, at the Rauch Rural Society, for zones 4, 5 and 6 that correspond to the Salado basin, center and southeast of the province of Buenos Aires.

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