May 27, 2022 1:24 pm

Discomfort in Podemos due to the new delay in the Housing Law: “It is very worrying”




United We Can has been the first to react to the news and express its deep discomfort. The Draft Bill for the Right to Housing of the Coalition Government, better known as Housing Law, was expected to be approved in the second round in the Council of Ministers next Tuesday. Now, the deadlines are truncated.

“Very worrying news,” he denounced Paul Echenique on Twitter, parliamentary spokesman for United We Can. For the delay in something as important to people as rent regulation abusive But also for what it implies in democratic terms.

The Plenary of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has rejected by a large majority this Friday the report that endorsed the Housing Law of PSOE and United We Can

. It falls with 15 votes against six in favor. In addition, the body of judicial power has decided to change the speaker, the former deputy of the PSOE Alvaro Cuesta, to order a new report from the members Jose Antonio Ballestero and Enrique Lucas. A new proposal that will not be studied by the 21 members until the end of January, in the plenary session on the 27th. The report is not binding, but to take the draft to the Council of Ministers they will have to wait for this deliberation of the CGPJ.

United Podemos government sources have quickly shown their “concern” about what they consider “unjustifiable delays” to a legislative project that contains “historic advances”. The Government wants to control rental prices in the areas that it considers to be in tension with this law, one of the most controversial measures within the coalition itself. It was a demand from United We Can that the PSOE finally accepted with some peculiarities to carry out the Budgets.

United We Can insists that the decision of the CGPJ is not understood, body they accuse of deliberately delaying approval of the rule by changing the rapporteur and making them wait until the end of the month. “You have to respond to the housing emergency that our country is experiencing,” the purples insist.

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