May 23, 2022 7:54 am

Destination 13-F: Santiago Abascal will redouble its presence in Castilla y León to support its candidate




Santiago Abascal will once again be the protagonist of an electoral campaign of Vox. In the party they are aware that outside of Madrid their brand has more pull than their territorial leaders and they find their best ambassador in their national leader. The president of the right-wing formation will redouble his presence in Castile and Leon from here to next February 13th, Sunday of elections in the community, to clothe its young and inexperienced candidate, Juan Garcia-Gallardo.

Precisely today, Abascal will be in charge, together with his general secretary, Javier Ortega Smith, to present García-Gallardo and the rest of the Vox headliners in Valladolid, at half past twelve, in the Plaza de la Universidad.

It will be the first rally and the starting signal for Vox in this pre-campaign, with which the conservative party intends to lay the first stone on the road to government of the Board.

According to sources of Vox National Executive Committee, its president will devote himself to this electoral appointment and will be present in the campaign as long as his agenda in Madrid does not prevent him from doing so. Abascal’s appearances, however, should not be interpreted as a lack of confidence in García-Gallardo, a thirty-year-old lawyer with no experience in politics, but instead respond to the importance that Vox gives to these elections, which are presented as the opportunity to mark a turning point since its irruption in the institutions in 2018.

In fact, the vice president of the Vox Political Area, the MEP Jorge Buxade, wanted to unequivocally endorse his candidate on Monday, after the controversy generated by some old tweets branded homophobic and racist, and described his appointment as an absolute success. In the game they downplay the controversy generated and want to leave it behind as soon as possible, while avoiding amending García-Gallardo at the first opportunity.

The lawyer has the full confidence of the management and has opted for him, as ABC already told, because of his ideological affinity with Vox, which comes from afar. Although he joined the formation a year and a half ago, already in 2014 he regularly attended Abascal events and saw in him the future president of the Government of Spain, as this newspaper has learned.

This week, in an interview in ‘El Mundo’, García-Gallardo himself placed Abascal as his political reference and as the person who asked him directly, in a telephone conversation, to assume the reins of Vox’s candidacy in Castile and Leon. Today you will see how Abascal acts as his opening act, before leading his first speech before supporters already invested as a candidate to preside over the regional government.

Vox can be decisive

Although this possibility is still distant, the polls do give good results to Vox, which would become the second force on the right and would be a necessary actor for the investiture of the popular Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, according to most polls.

And for this to be fulfilled, the role of Abascal will be especially important, who will apply himself intensely in the campaign as he did in Catalonia with Ignatius Garriga, who was already dealing with the motion of censure who defended against Pedro Sanchez at Congress, and in the Madrid’s community, where the party – underline internal sources – resisted the “Ayuso phenomenon”.

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