May 27, 2022 12:34 pm

“Come govern Argentina”: the request of a group of tourists to Lacalle Pou in Punta del Este

PUNTA DEL ESTE.- Casual dress and backpack, the president Luis Lacalle Pou boarded this Friday morning with his wife Lorraine Ponce de Leon the boat “Black Beauty” in the port of Punta del Este, which departed for Isla de Lobos. He was accompanied on board by the Mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antía, as well as the Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera, and other national and departmental government authorities.

“President, we are Argentines, we want to take a picture with you,” pointed out a person who was on the pier fishing. After the collective photo, who asked for the image, added: “Congratulations, come to govern Argentina”, which generated laughter among those present.

The president’s trip took place within the framework of a tourism project promoted by the Municipality of Maldonado for the Isla de Lobos, recognized internationally for its ecosystem and particular opportunity to get close to the friendly sea lions. The project, as El País learned, is an idea that comes from the previous management of Antía. What is wanted is to promote the island as one more destination for tourists who vacation in Punta del Este.

In this way, it will be sought -while maintaining care for the environment- create wooden platforms that allow to pass over the habitat of the wolves without invading them. In addition, the idea includes the placement of a “mini cinema” that will allow the screening of documentaries about the island and the wolves, as well as showing what it was like before.

In order to achieve the proposal, it would be necessary to repair the pier since currently people cannot access the island, except in rubber boats. For this, the support of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works is required.

Between applause and the cry of “how great” they received the president at the Punta del Este pier on his return from his tour of the island. The president preferred not to give statements to the press and limited himself to saying that his visit was “very good.” In addition, he joked about the 5 de Oro numbers he played before making the trip. Walking along the pier towards the exit, Lacalle Pou asked for a pastry vendor, but she was not in the area. “Tell her I asked about her,” he said.

Before boarding the boat, between photos of onlookers, he approached the president “Maturro”, a resident of Punta del Este who wanted to sell him a game of 5 de Oro, reported Telemundo (Channel 12). “Look, I’m selling you a 5 de Oro to save the pandemic, for $50,” said the vendor who arrived with a pos in hand. The president accepted and chose with the advice of his wife: 07 – 02 – 08 – 11 – 06. “Let no one else play them,” he said, joking.

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