May 14, 2022 5:25 pm

Castilla-La Mancha registered 28 fatal occupational accidents in 2021




UGT Castilla-La Mancha has lamented the latest data offered by the Ministry of Labor reporting that 28 castellanomanchegos lost their lives in an occupational accident from January to November 2021, demanding that action be taken “once and for all” to ensure compliance with the regulations on occupational risk prevention in companies.

In total, there were 25,345 accidents in the workplace, of which 25,107 were minor and 210 serious. Of those 25,345, 1,921 were produced in itinere, as reported by the UGT in a press release.

By provinces, which most accidents recorded was that of Toledo, followed by Ciudad Real, Albacete, Guadalajara and finally the province of Cuenca.

Regarding the incidence rate –number of accidents per 100,000 workers–, Castilla-La Mancha continues to lead only behind the Balearic Islands, with 302.1 monthly cases.

Incidence that has grown substantially when compared to data from 2020 when there were 20,070 occupational accidents in the region, “although we must not forget that the pandemic caused a significant drop in activity.”

The union has called for action to be taken once and for all to ensure compliance with the regulations on occupational risk prevention in companies. “It is an essential requirement that the Labor Inspection be strengthened, with human and material resources,” he added.

For this reason, UGT Castilla-La Mancha has asked the Administration to implement the figure of the territorial delegate in order to improve occupational health prevention and thus reduce accidents that occur in the workplaces of those companies to which Neither the Labor Inspection nor the protection of the class unions arrives. It also requires companies and employers to comply with the regulations on occupational risk prevention.

Occupational accidents by Covid

Another striking fact for the union is that related to sick leave due to Covid-19. From UGT they have indicated that the Autonomous Community is one of the regions with the highest sick leave due to coronavirus, since, specifically, from January to November 2021, 1,139 work accidents due to the virus were registered, of which one was fatal. Meanwhile, in the same period of the previous year there were 807 and eight deaths.

From UGT Castilla-La Mancha have recalled that providing resources and personnel to companies and public and private services is vital to reduce this incidence.

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