May 15, 2022 3:32 am

Atalaya takes Moliere’s ‘The Miser’ to the musical comedy to talk about the “great sins of money”




The actress Carmen Gallardo confesses that when Ricardo Iniesta, at the head of Atalaya TNT, He proposed to get into the skin of Harpagón, the protagonist of ‘El ávaro’ by Moliere, after a year and a half without going on stage for being a “risk group” with respect to Covid, he thought a lot about where he was going to go: « After so much time you get a little scared of getting on stage ». Then he got down to business and after a “hard” process he began to find the “nuances” to make the character “work” and make him “fun”.

It is one of the singularities presented by the version of Moliere’s classic that the veteran Sevillian company has made, which takes the work of the French playwright to the “musical comedy” to stick it to the present and that the viewer finds in it the “mirror” of the society.

«If in the drama what we want is for the viewer to feel identified through catharsis, here we try it through a character who experiences things in a grotesque and absurd way so that we learn to laugh at ourselves» , details Silvia Garzón, another of the interpreters.

Both participated yesterday in the presentation of the show at the Calderón Theater in Valladolid together with the director of the company and the adaptation Ricardo Iniesta, who admits feeling something “very special” about this premiere first, for being the first musical comedy he directed, and second, for “playing at home”, since he explained that Valladolid is the second city outside of Andalusia in which this already veteran company has stopped the most, that next 2023 will be four decades on stage.


He has no doubt that staging this version of Moliere’s ‘The Miser’ has been a “challenge” for him because of the “powerful work” he needed in terms of the text to bring it up to date. Hence, he points out, that he opted for a musical comedy in which he introduces “two important and contemporary elements” such as evictions and brothels, “and some nods to the misers of our days.” “I think that starting with Moliere we can talk about the great sins of money”, points out Ricardo Iniesta, who also believes that the French poet and playwright, “today would be much more ruthless with the powers than he was in his day”, subject to working for the court.

Atalaya TNT, National Theater Award in 2008, he once again resorts to symbology as a “house brand” and stages 14 doors with wheels that he turns, depending on the moment of the scene, into a court, a wall, a brothel and even a labyrinth.

For his staging, Iniesta says that on this occasion he has ‘settled in’ to the performers in the grotesque. Actors from up to five different decades coexist on stage, one of the secrets, for its director, that the Andalusian company continues “going” like the first day, as he believes the viewer will be able to verify this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Valladolid in this co-production by Teatro Calderón itself with Atalaya TNT.

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