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Astral journey: how is the new HBO Max series that analyzes celebrities according to their sign

Astrology is one of the most talked about topics in recent times, know the position of the stars at the time of birth could unravel some aspects of the personality. With this premise, HBO Max released astral journey, a production where well-known figures talk about their lives and focus on the characteristics of their sun sign.

It is a Brazilian series hosted by the renowned presenter Angélica Ksyvickis, which navigates the lives of celebrities and will seek to reveal little-known aspects of them. Astrologers Paula Pires and Vítor di Castro They are the ones in charge of receiving the celebrities and who analyze the interviews to learn about facts that marked their lives but always relating them to the stars.

The series has 12 chapters, which are already available. Instagram photo: @paulapiresastro

The axis of the program is focused on two celebrities representing a sun sign. From In this way, there were 24 guests who opened their hearts to explain how their life was from the time they were born to the present day.

Through intimate reports, celebrities recounted their experiences and how they reacted to certain situations. With this information, the characteristics of each sign were analyzed and what distinguishes it from the others was highlighted.

There are 12 episodes and each one corresponds to a zodiac sign. The chapters are divided into three categories that represent the past, the present and the future. The first is the moment where the guests recount situations that they went through and that made them forge their personalities and thoughts. The second is the interaction between the pairs that share signs, where the similarities and differences between them are sought, something that becomes a reflective and fun moment. The last part It consists in knowing that horizon that the stars will provide, according to professionals in the field.

Each program is divided into three parts.  Instagram Photo: @angelicaksy
Each program is divided into three parts. Instagram Photo: @angelicaksy

The series is already available on HBO Max. The celebrities who participated, according to their sign, were Xuxa Meneghel and Thaynara OG for Aries, Monica Martelli and Paolla Antonini by Taurus, Fernanda Souza and Rubens Barrichello by Gemini, Gilberto Gil and Liniker for Cancer, Preta Gil and Ricardo Tozzi for Leo, Luciano Hulk and Fernanda Abreu by Virgo, Cleo and Thiago Abravanel for Libra, Clarisse Falcão and MC Guimê by scorpio, Eliana and Luiz Fernando Guimarães for Sagittarius, Eri Johnson and Maiara for Capricorn, Sabrina Sato and Caio Castro for Aquarium and Kelly Key and Luci Alves for Pisces.

In the program they also try to give viewers tools to detect and know more about oneself, and at the same time with this to be able to understand some reactions or aspects that identify him.

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