May 16, 2022 6:08 pm

Alec Baldwin finally handed over his cell phone and begins the investigation of its contents

Alec Baldwin’s cell phone has been in the hands of investigators into the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins since this Friday, January 14. It happened during the filming of the movie. Rust.

“Alec delivered volunteered his phone to the authorities this morning so they could finish their investigation. But this matter has nothing to do with his phone, because there are no answers on his phone, ”the actor’s lawyer, Aaron Dyer, told the Deadline Hollywood information site on Friday.

The delivery of the cell phone took place nearly a month after a New Mexico judge ordered law enforcement authorities to search the device in search of clues or evidence to establish what happened last October 21, when in the middle of a rehearsal a bullet that was supposed to be false was fired from the revolver that Baldwin was handling during a rehearsal and it caused the death of Hutchins and injured the film’s director, Joel Souza.

The trial was part of the production of Rust, a western produced by and starring Baldwin that until the day of the tragedy was filmed in the area known as Bonanza Ranch, near Santa Fe.

“Alec did nothing wrong,” the lawyer continued. It is clear that he was told that it was a safe weapon and that it was following all instructions when this tragic accident happened. According to the lawyer, the only question that should be answered is how those real ammunition got to the film set, when everyone who worked on the film was sure that they were not real, but blank.

Baldwin turned his iPhone in on Friday to the county police. Suffolk, in the State of New York, whose detachment is located in an area near the residence where the actor lives with his family. According to Deadline, in addition to having the password required to unlock the device, the New York police will examine what could be considered as “relevant information” for the investigation, before sending it to his colleagues in New Mexico.

Suffolk Police officers will handle review all material included in the phone (text and voice messages, emails, Internet history, digital images) between July 1 and December 5, 2021. Baldwin is also expected to provide references (addresses, contacts and telephone numbers) of people and organizations involved in the production of Rust.

Alec Baldwin together with George Stephanopoulos, from “Good Morning America” ​​(ABC), in one of the first interviews he gave about the tragic event

They will be expressly outside the investigation all communications, conversations and messages between Baldwin and his lawyers, as well as communications between the actor and his family, removed from the investigation after an agreement between the authorities and Baldwin’s lawyers.

In that commitment it was established, as he commented The New York Times, that the Suffolk Police will take care of doing a digital review (“download”) of all the material included in Baldwin’s iPhone “with a forensic spirit” before returning the cell phone to its owner.

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