May 15, 2022 6:38 am

After the capybaras, another native animal surprises residents of the northern neighborhoods

Lizards up to a meter long are the new visitors from various neighborhoods of Pilar, northern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs. This, which has been going on for several weeks, causes not only the surprise of the residents of the area, but also a bit of concern not knowing if they are dangerous or not.

The appearance of these animals occurs in the gardens of the neighborhoods Irízar Park, Pellegrini IV and Mirasoles and, just as it happens with the recurrent visit of the Capybaras in Nordelta, the reason is largely linked to the drought and the advance of real estate developments on virgin nature.

“They are not dangerous, on the contrary, they are beneficial,” said Graciela Capodoglio, a member of the Natural Heritage Association that is in charge of Pilar Nature Reserve, in the middle Pilar Diario. The specialist also detailed that they are an indigenous species of the area, that “they do not eat anything that is bigger than an egg” and that being “cold-blooded they cannot transmit diseases”.

Even the specialist recommended that no one harm them, because they even “control plagues of mice and snails.” “People should try to keep them in their homes,” he said.

On the other hand, he explained that their presence is due to the “lack of water” and that the progress of construction “is invading their habitat.” “They are part of the native fauna that was here before we arrived,” Capodoglio closed.

In certain areas of Pilar, the neighbors assure that they come across these animals at least twice a week.

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