May 18, 2022 9:34 am

Video: an employee beat up three thieves who tried to rob a place in Palermo

One employee of a clothing store from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo faced this Tuesday afternoon to three criminals and foiled a robbery attempt from punches, pineapples and kicks. The images of the event transcended this Wednesday and generated a great impact on social networks.

The episode occurred around 5:30 p.m. in a business located in Arévalo to 1700. According to the record of the security cameras, boys in a T-shirt and shorts with chinstraps began to approach the cashier’s sector, and when the employee approached them, one of them threatened to show what a weapon would be.

From that sequence, a strong fight between Lucas, the commercial employee, and the criminals, who tried to reduce it to carry out the robbery. Even a friend of the young man, who was sitting, was involved in the incident and participated in the brawl.

An employee of a local thwarted a robbery in Palermo with punches and kicks

“The block was very quiet. With the heat that was yesterday, there were very few people in the street. I was with a friend and all of a sudden these three guys appeared. Right away I realized where the hand was coming from and I quickly left behind the counter to try to stop them“Lucas told the TN channel.

And he deepened: “There they throw a hand at me, they hit me on the side on the lip, and they hit my friend who was sitting on a stool and was in shock. He was beaten a little more than me: his eye is swollen“, Held. And I add: “I reacted without thinking because I wanted to defend the space. They are situations that you cannot rehearse ”.

After removing the criminals from the premises, the store manager received new blows on the sidewalk that left him lying on the floor. It was at that moment that the thieves took the opportunity to escape and Lucas chased them on his motorcycle.

“I was puzzled, but my adrenaline shot up and I went out looking for them. In the end I ended up finding one of them in a square that is here a couple of blocks away, ”he said. And he added that, while shouting for the police, the malefactor gave him his cell phone so that she would stop chasing him. “I’ll leave you my cell phone, but don’t follow me anymore. Please, crazy, it was already, I was not the one who hit you“Were the words of the offender, according to Lucas.

The manager gave that cell phone to a cartonero who offered him water to clean himself after seeing his face hurt. Before that, there was something that made him uneasy. Said a call was made to that number and when he answered it came from a jail.

According to reports, so far there are no detainees.

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