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Today’s latest sports news Thursday, January 13



Be informed about the last hour of today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to those readers who want it, the best summary of the thursday, january 13 right here:

Barcelona 2 – Real Madrid 3: Madrid win an exhibition semifinal

Enrique Yunta: Djokovic, the truth or the doctor

An open microphone on Australian television’s ‘Channel 7’, the country’s highest-rated network, has resulted in a huge stir, although many have embraced the spontaneity of the presenters and that outburst of sincerity when they believed that no one was recording: “No matter where you look at him, Novak Djokovic is a liar, a cheater, an asshole … But he will get away with it,” says Rebecca Maddern to Mike Amor. The last qualifier is very subjective, maybe even too rude.

The other, the liar and cheater, has a certain basis if one attends to the court’s declaration of the tennis player himself, full of inconsistencies and irregularities. Because of all this embarrassment, which will end up on film for sure and even more so if Djokovic ends up winning the Australian Open (it remains to be seen if he will play it, his case is still open), there is an intuition that leaves whoever pretends to be in a terrible place be an example for children and the rest of society: Novak Djokovic does not tell the truth or the doctor.

“Djokovic’s father crossed the line”

Boris Becker, winner of six Grand Slam and coach of Novak Djokovic Between 2014 and 2016, he has warned his former ward of the negative consequences that his decision not to be vaccinated will have in the future. The former German tennis player believes that the current world number one runs the risk of facing the same drama as now: «Do you want to experience this at every Grand Slam? Roland Garros is watching, Wimbledon and the rest of the tournaments too … », he explained in an interview on Eurosport. “The rules are getting stricter. May he now play in Australia to the best of his ability and then try to realize that everything will be easier if he is vaccinated.

Mbappé, the keys to be the best in the world

Kylian Mbappé wants to be the king of world football and thinks that he will achieve that goal at Real Madrid. To be the number one in the world lead a life totally focused on being the fastest, the toughest and the best with the ball. Training and perfect nutrition adapted to your DNA.

Pepe Imaz, the guru who shaped the character of Novak Djokovic

They say that Novak Djokovic He began by hitting the wall of the bunker in which he took refuge as a child in his native Serbia. When he began to climb in the world of professional tennis, his volcanic style on the court was also reflected in his bad loss and it was common to see him finish a match in rage if things had not turned out as he expected.

Do you see, Juanito, how was this not?

Barça poured out like an enthusiastic, clumsy, hasty adolescent; Madrid waited patiently behind. Barça were in a hurry to lose balls and Madrid did not mind taking time to impose their superiority. Xavi’s youth were noticeable and Ancelotti’s had experience. More emotional tension than football. The innocence of the Catalans had something touching and Madrid was settling in the field. Barça could not do more than what little it gave and Madrid was dosing itself, waiting for its options without taking risks. Vinicius’ goal was neither a surprise nor an isolated nor a coincidence. It was what everyone knew was going to happen.

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