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Three out of four admitted to the ICU and two out of three in the plant in Galicia have the minority Delta




The 74% of those admitted to the ICU and 63% in the plant in Galicia have the Delta variant of the Covid, which draws a scenario that offers “some hope”, when Ómicron is the variant that is behind the explosion of new infections and causes the “majority” of new infections, at a rate still around 8,000 a day. That is: it would prove that its impact, in terms of care, is much less.

The figures were given by the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, at the press conference after the Council meeting, in which he also explained that half of the 57 admitted to the ICU do not have the complete vaccination schedule, which is why he has once again drawn attention to the impact that people who do not get vaccinated have on intensive care units.

Feijóo has valued that Galicia continues to be, “by far”, the community with the least hospital tension. Only 0.1% of cases are in the ICU and 0.8% are in a conventional bed; 99.1% of those infected pass the disease at home. Occupancy in the ICU is 7% in Galicia, with the national average at 23.7%; and in plant, 5.5% compared to 13.7%.

Feijóo has underlined that this is the «determining data», and that it is rounded taking into account that Galicia is the community with “the most vaccinated population and the least admitted population”, as it is a leader in immunization in second and third doses and in children from 5 to 11 years old.

Vaccination schedule

Regarding the vaccination schedule, it has confirmed that the Saturday, “generally”, concludes the vaccination with a third dose, the booster, in people 40 years of age or older, after 127,000 antidotes were dispensed this week to people between 40 and 50 years old; also the weekend Vaccination of children ages 5 to 11 is also closed, with the first dose.

From there, on Monday and Tuesday there will be play-offs in both groups, and from Wednesday the 19th to Sunday the 23rd, both inclusive, vaccination began for 182,000 Galicians in the 1930s, starting with those with 39 years. Feijóo has celebrated that, although with delay, the Government gives the green light to lower the waiting time between doses to five months, which allows avoiding a stoppage as of Wednesday and starting with thirty-somethings.

Test in schools and automatic registrations

For the rest, beyond the decision announced on Wednesday to maintain the measures against Covid, with the exception of limiting the ‘no curfew’ to three days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), Feijóo has announced that 50,000 saliva tests will be distributed to distribute in schools: they will be given to the students when a positive appears in a classroom, so that they can carry out the test the following morning. The forecast is that the distribution will begin next week.

Finally, given the inaction of the central government in this matter, the Council gives Green light for the primary doctor to issue the discharge and discharge for Covid at the same time, to streamline this task and reduce the impact of casualties. Thus, a worker and his company will know when he returns to his position, which will be on the seventh day in the absence of symptoms.

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