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The significant tattoo that Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner got days after getting married

throughout the last few days, Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitmann they became the center of conversation for all fans of entertainment. His wedding was one of the most anticipated events of recent times and, finally, it happened on January 8 in Exaltación de la Cruz province of Buenos Aires. After celebrating the union in an exclusive and luxurious field, the couple left the country to enjoy a mysterious honeymoon. From the secret location, the artists revealed through their social networks that their love is so strong that they decided to tattoo it.

Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner got marriedInstagram @montaner

Far from the lights, the cameras and the insistent gaze of the curious, Ricky and Stefi find themselves on some paradisiacal beach relaxing in the sun. The trip began in Ezeiza, where they were seen very excited as they headed to board the plane a few days after saying “yes”. At the airport, they stopped to talk to a mobile phone Intruders (America) who wanted to know more details about the intimacy of newlyweds. Although they did not avoid chatting with the journalist, their answers were as limited as possible, faithful to their custom of keeping their affairs under absolute confidentiality.

The so-called “event of the year” was held under a cloak of secrecy and mystery. Most of those involved had to sign a confidentiality agreement and the guest list was not even released. Likewise, the photos of the interior of the party took hours to come to light and the Montaner family stated that they did not allow anyone from the press to enter.

Stefi Roitman revealed the tattoo that was made with Ricky Montaner
Stefi Roitman revealed the tattoo that was made with Ricky Montaner

The same policy was applied by Stefi and Ricky when organizing their romantic trip. But, far from leaving their followers out of the whole experience, both they decided to upload some fragments of their romantic getaway to their social networks. Among them, the tender tattoo that they made stood out.

It was the influencer who, through a post on her Instagram account, showed the small drawing that she will have forever in honor of the love she feels for her husband. In the first photo you can see that both have the initial of their partner’s name on the ring finger of their left hand. Thus, on the finger where the engagement ring goes, Ricky has an S tattooed and Stefi, an R.

In the description of the image he wrote: “2 years of boyfriends; 5 days of marriage. The publication exceeded 200 thousand likes and was filled with comments from his followers touched by the gesture.

Ricky Montaner tattooed his wife's initial
Ricky Montaner tattooed his wife’s initialinstagram
Stefi Roitman got her husband's initial tattooed
Stefi Roitman got her husband’s initial tattooedinstagram

Who was in charge of doing the work, a tattoo artist from Miami, also recorded the moment on his social networks. There he shared polaroid-style photos that captured the moment the needle touched the skin of both Ricky and Stefi. But It was the member of the Latin pop duo who explained why they chose the day of the date to immortalize their love through body art. In his stories, on a collage of photos that show the two of them very close and very happy, he typed: “Today we are celebrating two years of dating.”

Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner celebrate two years of dating
Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner celebrate two years of datinginstagram

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