May 27, 2022 1:05 pm

The ironic comment of María Eugenia Vidal against the Government for the direction of the country

Maria Eugenia Vidal, national deputy for Together for Change by the city of Buenos Aires, criticized the lack of direction of the Government and compared it to a viral video in which a young alcoholic crashed on the waterfront of Mar del Plata: “They look like the guy driving a car saying ‘if we kill ourselves, we kill ourselves.’ And they ask the Argentines to get on as co-drivers ”.

“There is no plan, predictability, and no way to go, but what always exist are guilty and enemies. That is unnecessary in this government, but there are no concrete answers, “he said when speaking with the TV channel TN.

In this sense, he stressed that “people are tired of unsafety”And attacked the Government by saying that neither this problem, nor the inflation – “that eats away at our pockets every day” – nor the poverty “They are on the agenda.” And he added: “The agenda is different, it is to do a march against the Supreme Court and it is going to accompany a president who was not democratically elected like that of Nicaragua ”.

In addition, he criticized “The price agreement” highlighting that there were 10 pacts like this in the last decades. “It did not work for any other government, because as an isolated and single tool, without an economic plan, it is useless,” he said. And he recalled: “It also didn’t work when Cristina Kirchner she was president and they restricted the export of meat for a year, and the only thing we did was keep ourselves with less livestock stock and less possibility of competing against other countries ”.

“The markets that are lost, the job that is generated and the income of Dollars that we need so much do not recover from one day to the next, “he insisted. “They are wrong recipes, which are the same as always, in the face of problems that we have not been able to solve for decades, and neither a course nor a plan appears,” he continued.

In line with the economic problem, the former governor analyzed the negotiation of the debt with the International Monetary Fund. “The last two years fueros de sarasa”, He said. Criticism noted that “Meetings for photos and PowerPoints are no longer inconsistent”; and in this regard, he added: “We reached this point where There are two months left for Argentina to decide whether or not to enter into default, and meanwhile they get into debt faster than Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri ”.

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