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In the 70s we heard about the ‘non-cinema’ of Aguirre, the husband of Esperanza Roy, but this of the ‘non-citizenship’ of Macron, the husband of Brigitte Trogneux, we had not even heard of Bokassa after becoming a Moctezuma. Already Madame de Staël saw (and looked at Bonaparte!) that France was lacking in ‘grandeur’: when Caesar ended the Republic, he had to fight Pompey and the most illustrious patricians.

-Cicero and Cato fought him: greatness met greatness. Bonaparte, on the other hand, found adversaries whose names do not deserve to be mentioned.

Macron was going for Napoleon, but he has stayed in Luisillo Catorceavo, what Solana would say, the Belgrade bomber, and fights the non

vaccinated: he promises to “fuck them alive” and withdraws the title of “citizenship” granted to them by the Constitution that De Gaulle copied (badly, like Dr. Frankenstein) from America.

-Le general de Gaulle n’a pas de prédéceseur! – he replied to the trade unionists who came after the coup d’état to remind him of his commitments to his predecessors.

The political jargon in France, and that is seen in the debates of the constituents of 91, is empty talk, chirle and hebén. Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Citizen was the man summoned “to arms” by ‘La Marseillaise’, but without the Second Amendment, that is, a ‘mandao’. They make Capet a citizen and send him to the guillotine. By rolling its head, the rabble (the ‘unvaccinated’, for the ‘mainstream’) did not cheer the Republic, but the Nation, today denied by Macron, who has not left a puppet with a head (it’s a talk) of the Revolution: neither Nation (denies it) nor Tuteo (almost imprisoned a boy who did it) nor Citizenship (citizen is whoever he says). “L’État c’est moi”, falsely attributed to the Sun King, is today Macron, and hence a parody character has our liberals gorillas, who have made the State their ‘partouze’, that ‘suspended time in which the fuckers live’ that was so nice to Catherine Millet.

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