May 17, 2022 6:16 pm

Nahir Galarza ratified the complaint for sexual abuse before the prosecution

GUALEGUAYCHÚ.- Nahir Galarza ratified yesterday in a videoconference before the prosecutor’s office on duty in this city the complaint of sexual abuse that he would have suffered years ago from a relative of his father, Marcelo Galarza, but official sources from the Public Prosecutor’s Office assured that he did not refer to his new version of the murder of Fernando Pastorizzor, for which she is sentenced to life imprisonment. “He ratified the complaint for an alleged sexual abuse that occurred during his childhood, but there was no reference to Pastorizzo’s murder,” said sources from the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“On the date, the corresponding extension of the complaint was received from Nahir Galarza about an alleged crime against her sexual integrity, through a videoconference in which members of this prosecution and representatives of the complainant participated. The interview was solely about the aforementioned alleged child sexual abuse,” the sources explained.

Nahir Galarza denounced that she was abused, when she was a minor, by a direct relative of her fatherArchive

And it was added: “Nahir Galarza did not refer at any time during the interview to the murder of Fernando Pastorizzo. He said absolutely nothing about it, he did not mention his father, nor did he point out any type of element linked to the complaint that was dismissed by this prosecution last Monday.

The videoconference that took place this Thursday morning lasted just under half an hour. From the Criminal Unit No. 6 of Paraná, the 23-year-old girl sentenced to life imprisonment on July 3, 2018 for the crime of her boyfriend Fernando Pastorizzo, spoke for 20 minutes identifying her alleged abuser and providing some elements of interest for the ongoing investigation. Lawyer Raquel Hermida Leyenda and a new sponsoring lawyer for Nahir, Candela Bessa, also participated. In the Courts of Gualeguaychú, the prosecutor on duty, Mauricio Guerrero, received the testimony of the young woman.

“The word homicide was not uttered”

As confirmed by judicial sources THE NATION “The young woman only referred to the sexual abuse she would have suffered in her childhood. He identified a brother of his father (Marcelo Galarza), pointed out that he was a retired person from the police force, but did not delve into the characteristics of the crime.

And they ratified: “The word homicide was not pronounced, he did not mention his father beyond mentioning the relationship with the alleged abuser, he did not speak of Fernando.”

It should be remembered that last Monday the Justice dismissed in limine the complaint in which Nahir maintained that the author of Fernando’s crime was his father, Marcelo Galarza, “because that event had been dealt with and aired in an oral and public trial, at the same time confirmed in various subsequent decisive instances and awaiting the resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (CSJN) in the complaint filed by the complainant’s defense”.

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