May 19, 2022 2:58 am

Its owners had an accident and the dog led the police to save their lives

A German Shepherd named “Tinsley” successfully led the police officers from New Hampshire (USA) to the place where their owners’ vehicle had overturned in the middle of the night. The police officers first thought it was a stray dog.

The two occupants of the van were seriously injured, but thanks to the efforts of “Tinsley” they soon received medical assistance once the police found the vehiclereported the WMUR-TV network.

“They realized the dog was trying to show them something,” said New Hampshire State Police Lt. Daniel Baldassarre. “He kept away from the police, but he did not escape,” he added.

The dog sought help and saved the lives of its owners. Photo: AFP

“I wanted to imply ‘follow me, follow me’. And they did, and They were surprised when they saw the damaged bumper and looked down, towards where the dog was looking and they couldn’t believe it ”, he declared.

A state patrol officer and police from the nearby city of Lebanon arrived at the crash site Monday night, which was located near a highway just a short distance from the Vermont border.

There were no more details about the health of those injured in the accident, it was known that there were no more vehicles involved.

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