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Ignacio Amirola is presented as a candidate to preside over the Alicante businessmen of Ineca




The Board of Directors of the Institute of Economic Studies of the Province of Alicante (Drown) has approved this Thursday the call for elections to the Presidency and the Board of Directors after completing their four-year term, ratified unanimously in February 2018. Ignacio Amirola, coordinator of the Association’s Studies Committee and partner of the Institute through Euroval, has presented his candidacy to preside over a new board of directors made up of partners representing the main sectors and regions of the province of Alicante.

Amirola, CEO of Euroval, has explained in his presentation that «among the entire current team and those who have preceded us, Ineca has been positioned as a provincial referent, a prestigious institution, which is listened to and whose reports are used by companies and public and private organizations in making decisions ”.

With this trajectory, this executive sets the goal of continuing in this line of prestige: «Our will is to continue with this work and seek excellence in economic and social research and analysis and its subsequent dissemination in order to positively influence society of our province. And, of course, continue to improve our influence as interlocutors respected by the different public administrations when defining the policies and decisions that affect us.

Amirola has a degree in Law and Business Administration from Esade (where he also completed his MBA). Founder of the business Aquami and partner of several companies. Since last year he has been CEO of Euroval, a company of appraisal recognized for its prestige throughout Spain, firmly committed to digitization and promoting technology can help in production processes.

Since 2007

In this way, Ineca opens a new process for the renewal of positions, the fourth since its creation in 2007, which is expected to conclude next month.

On his farewell as president, Rafael ballester has shown its conviction that “the best thing for organizations is the periodic and natural renewal of their representative bodies and even more so in the present context, which places before an exciting stage in which companies, citizens and institutions must demonstrate creativity and capacity to forge alliances to position the province of Alicante in the place it deserves ».

During these four years at the helm of the entity, Ballester has promoted socioeconomic studies encompassing new disciplines. The digitization has always been one of its objectives, already started with the internal processes and con Open Data. He had the honor of celebrating the tenth anniversary of the institution in which he offered the partners and society the study “Strengths of the province of Alicante”, an X-ray of the economy and society of the province that allowed us to broaden our view of the regions of the province and learn about the potential of a unique and diverse province.

Rafael Ballester (center), the outgoing president of the association – JUAN CARLOS SOLER

Ballester explained that the outgoing board has had as its guide “the commitment to rigor, independence and the objectivity of the studies, which have always tried to show a broad vocation of service to the interests of Alicante society, offering data that put into context the different situations in which the province has found itself during this period ”.

After four years at the helm, he leaves a “solid and reinforced” institution, with new partners who reflect the heterogeneity of the province and with new study approaches betting on the sustainability and the innovation, and thus gives continuity to the legacy received by his predecessors Perfect Palace and Joaquín Rocamora and their respective boards.

Ballester recalled that “COVID-19, in addition to the incompensable personal drama for the individuals and families affected, has turned the entire world economic system upside down and, logically, has had and continues to have its repercussions in the province of Alicante. But let’s not forget that we were already in the process of transformation before that, and that there are many fronts that require an analytical and critical look (Brexit, demographic challenge, chronic unemployment, budget under-financing, climate change, new paradigms of production and distribution, the productivity dilemma, the digital economy ‘made in Alicante’, among others ”.

The outgoing president thanked his Board of Directors for their work, with Antonio Fernández and Beatriz Martín as vice-presidents, Pedro Menárguez as general secretary, Ignacio Amirola as coordinator of the Studies Committee and Agustín Bascuñana from the advisory team. He has also thanked the continuous work and the support of the executive technical team with Francisco Llopis, Armando Ortuño and Susana de Juan.

The Board of Directors now opens a period for members to formalize their candidacy and “establish a new roadmap to continue promoting the institute as a benchmark in socio-economic information in the province of Alicante.”

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