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“How do I fix it?”: he did not understand the tattoo artist and the final result was unusual

A TikTok user was disappointed to discover that the tattoo that had been done on the inside of his arm had an unusual mistake.

The young woman, who goes by the name of @izzy38255 on the social network, he was on vacation in Pittsburgh when he decided to immortalize on his skin a heartfelt tribute to Mac Miller, the rapper from that American city who died of an overdose in September 2018.

Due to an unusual mistake, they gave him the “worst tattoo of his life”

To pay tribute accordingly, the tiktoker chose to tattoo a reference to the song “Missed Calls”, one of the greatest successes of the musician who caused a stir with his early death, at the age of 26.

The design was going to be simple but very fine: a cell phone with very thin lines whose screen read the title of the theme, “Missed Calls” (in English, Lost calls). So far, everything seemed to be going smoothly, but what Izzy didn’t know was that the tattoo artist had missed a crucial detail in the drawing. She asked for the tattoo to be 2×3 in size, but when it was too late, she realized that the artist had forever written “2-3x” on her skin..

The tattoo in tribute to Mac Miller with the unusual mistake

I just got the worst fucking…tattoo”, expressed the user in a video where she can be seen crying over the artist’s fatal mistake. “I made Mac Miller’s cell phone and told him I wanted it 2 by 3 size″, he explained through tears and added: “He tattooed my p… 2-3x How do I fix it?”.

Izzy’s followers were not very understanding of the situation and wondered how the young woman did not realize what the tattoo artist was about to do just before committing to write the “2-3x”.

But nevertheless the tiktoker he ended up admitting that it was his mistake for not noticing what was happening at that moment and said she felt “stupid” because she already had 16 tattoos and nothing like this ever happened to her.

Rapper Mac Miller died of a drug overdose at the age of 26
Rapper Mac Miller died of a drug overdose at the age of 26Instagram Mac Miller

“My friend, who I am visiting, has been to that store before and never had a bad experience, so we made the appointment and she was supposed to be fine. The ‘2-3x’ I didn’t see on the template when you first drew it”, assured Izzy.

He added, “I wanted the cell phone to say ‘Missed Calls’ for Mac Miller because I visited the blue slide park while I was here,” referring to the playground that inspired the rapper’s debut album. “So I saw it on paper before I printed it. I thought it was for a size reference, I wanted it size 2 by 3″, he insisted.

“When I was getting the tattoo, he made me lie flat with my arm completely bent to the side, weird. When I looked over it was his head, I couldn’t really see it,” he explained, adding optimistically: “I can fix it. I’m not worried”.

Fortunately this story has a happy ending. Izzy visited a tattoo parlor in her hometown of Idaho and was able to right the wrong thing. They just added a bit of black over the error and the end result left her satisfied. “I just got back from my appointment and it was fixed”, he said and showed his arm to the camera. “looks so much better”, she added proudly.

This is how the tattoo was fixed after the unusual mistake
This is how the tattoo was fixed after the unusual mistake

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