May 27, 2022 12:59 pm

Homeless: December inflation reached 3.8% and 2021 closed with a rise of 50.9%

December inflation climbed to 3.8% and in this way 2021 closed with an accumulated rise of 50.9% percent, according to official numbers just reported by Indec. The final index was very close to the 53.8% with which Mauricio Macri was dismissed from the government in 2019, but with the aggravating circumstance that now the inflationary resurgence occurs with the rates of public services and transportation frozen and a mega stocks that translates into a delay in the official exchange rate.

Inflation in 2021 was the second highest since 1991 -the record was in 2019- and was basically driven by increases in food prices -which accumulated a twelve-month increase of 50.3 percent.

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