May 16, 2022 11:56 pm

General strike in French schools to protest against Covid management

Correspondent in Paris



General strike of teaching against the policies of Emmanuel Macron and his government in schools and institutes, this Thursday. According to a survey, released Thursday morning, a 59 % of the French have a negative or very negative opinion of government action against the health crisis.

The first estimates suggest that the strike will be «Massive», Followed by 75% of teachers and institute professors; perhaps much less followed in universities. Claude Lelièvre, a historian of French education, analyzes the significant importance of the strike in this way: «It is a very particular initiative, in which all the teachers’ and teachers’ unions have participated, most of the parents’ associations in family.

They do not protest against a particular measure or a wage claim, very traditional things. Is a global protest, against a string of announcements, measures, which have been contradictory and, above all, have been taken without regard to the work and opinion of teachers and professors ».

An official spokesperson for the convening unions explains the call to the general strike, in education, for these reasons: «We are very aware that we are in the midst of a health crisis. And, indeed, it is not easy to make decisions. That being said, teachers and professors they are exhausted. Before the start of the course, at the beginning of January, we experienced three changes in sanitary rules, in one week. It has been a tremendous and exhausting mess, culminating in two exhausting, exhausting years. Hence the exasperation of teachers and professors. That is the essential message of the strike: ask for more respect for professionals who are experiencing the crisis First line, in a capital area, such as secondary and primary education.

The tiredness, irritation, and distress content of teachers and professors may only be a mirror, among others, of a deeper general crisis.

Emmanuel Macron is considered the best “possible” manager, among all the candidates for the presidency of the Republic competing in the election campaign next April. However, public opinion is considered a “victim”, to some extent, of the behavior and successive changes of “strategies” in the fight against Covid-19 and the pandemic.

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